NO! Nigeria Is Not Safe In Their Hands.

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NO! Nigeria Is Not Safe In Their Hands

They say in Nigeria, that TRUTH is RELATIVE and INTEGRITY is only displayed when someone is watching. In all my years of living in this country, i have never seen a passionate Nigerian as i saw today while attempting to gain attrance into the Media Briefing of the National Orientation Agency (NOA). An NOA official (in his late fifties) who spoke to me in confidence, stated categorically, that “Nigeria is not safe in their hands”. I have seen how they manipulate information around here, give to the people (Nigerians) what they feel like and then leading the nation in the direction they want, it is unforgiveable he said.

Indeed Nigeria is not safe in their hands and neither is it safe in the hands of those growing under their wings.

Earlier last week, members of the Boko Haram insurgency group instructed the government to evacuate completely, those living in Chibok Community. Yesterday, we heard rumours that the government was withdrawing troops from the Community, leaving the people and their community unprotected. Tension was rising, muscles were flexing up and chaos was to descend. In order to be absolutely sure, we decided to attend the National Orietation Agency’s Scheduled Media Briefing, where we can hear directly from the government, whether or not the rumour was true, a move which would bring credibility to them even before the general public. This move was met with rejection and denial. Even when we saw well kitted, readied military men, when we saw Frank Mba and some security operatives, even when we saw Ms. Maryln Ogar, the Deputy Director for the SSS, even when we saw packs of paparazzies arriving in queues, they still told us that “there was no media briefing taking place”.

Now you can call my next lines whatever you want but that’s the simple truth. Instead of the government coming up with concrete plans on how to rescue the Chibok schoolgirls and provide adequate security to the Nigerian people, they wallow in the shameful act of orchestrating a defamatory and disparaging efforts to discredit a group that is not disturbing them in any way whatsoever. The data manipulation, deceit, information selection that the ananimous fellow talked about if true, proves my point that the government right from the day one, has never told Nigerians the truth.

The abducted Chibok schoolgirls are still in captivity because some people have refused to do their job. The government have failed not just the Chibok girls, but the entire Nigerian people. We’ve been standing rotten ground but right now, the filt is poisonious to the legs.

Nigeria is not safe in their hands, Nigerians are not close to being safe in their hands. May God save us from this set of leaders.