Northern Governors are part of the big problem.

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One of the tragedies of our country is that our leaders sometimes display unethical strategies and actions that provide more problem for them and they expect the rest of the country to suffer with them. Truth be said, the North is supposed to be one of the centers of attraction in the country today, the envy of other region in the country and most politically, economically and socially stable place in Nigeria if and only if the past and present Northern Governors (leaders) have just a 40 percent concern for the well being of the people.

Today, the Northern Governors amongst other things are requesting for:

  1. A review of the on-shore and off-shore dichotomy bill.

  2. The amendment of Labour and Allied Company law, to enable them adjust the national minimum wage to an even more lesser pay.

  3. A removal of the part of the constitution that gave absolute power to the Inspector-General of Police, to enable them have sole control over the Commissioner of Police in their various States.

    Section 215(2) of the 1999 constitution made it clear that the Nigeria Police Force shall be under the command of the Inspector-General of Police including any of its contingent stationed in any State of the federation.

  4. The immunity clause for the President, Vice President, Governors and Vice be retained.

  5. The number of Justices at Supreme Court be limited to 12 and the National Assembly determine the number of Judges to be had at Court of Appeal.

  6. And more…

The North have the highest number of States in Nigeria, they have the largest Local Government Areas in Nigeria, they have the largest land mass in Nigeria, they have provided more leaders than any other region in the country – from President to Party Chairman. Have these Northern leaders been able to translate these advantages to tangible development for their people?

They are requesting a review of the dichotomy bill, what have they been able to achieve with the already assigned percentage? Are there waters part of the daily contaminated water of the river-basin? Are there land part of the oilspill polluted land of the Niger Delta? What are they suggesting should happen to people of the affected littoral States?

The Northern Governors should stop being lazy and provide for their people. The ordinary Northerners have endured enough. Stop the logic of providing meal only during Ramadan seasons while they starve for the rest of the year.