Not Poor Mentally -By Kareem Itunu Azeez

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It is another period of various political games, promises, and lies, grooving around the colossus of the Nigeria terrain, this men that ages, and with less or no idea of how the masses feel are unfortunately the ones at the forefront of the political positions in the Nigeria system, which automatically needs the intervention of able brains, and youths of intellects who hopefully this time around would realise how long they have wasted too much of their lives, for the gains of less rubies.

I like to continue this with a forward by the former Ghanaian president, on the recently released book, by the former Nigeria president, Jonathan, “My Transition hours”-…..

There was no bitterness in him after he left power. He did not look back. He did not look down. Instead he looked up and after looking up, he looked forward and went on pressing ahead. That forward movement has resulted in this work of statecraft and statesmanship of which I am privileged to write the foreword. Though there are many themes in this book, My Transition Hours, the theme that most excites me is the one on youth and the next generation” – John Dramani Mahama, President, Republic of Ghana, 2012-2017


Kareem Itunu Azeez


2019, is around the corner, with different aspirant vying for one major position, at the federal level, we all know by all reasonable margins how unfit as a people the two major contenders are for our survival as a country, I can categorically tell you how corruption has sheltered them, like flies beneath the stink, they use the scarce resources to enrich themselves, yet we cannot do anything, they fix their sons and grandchildren into political positions where they are not fit, simply because the nationalist power get to their hands first, in a democratic society.

How do we have a government and things get this worse, at all levels, how do we have a government who have used all its four years to blame past administration, how do we have a system of government, controlled by people within the age where they should be retired, and as a Nigerian, and a youth I am also an advocate of true federalism, and according to the education system that has not been working for times now, the little have been able to deduce has tell me, and proven to me, the current crop of politicians we have at all levels are killers of the future, corrupt beyond redemption, and till their ends they will not change, because their mentality has been wired in such a way that, its always themselves first.

All this, current happening have killed the morale of the promising youths we once have, this article, therefore, isn’t to continually blame, and list the problems we have in the only place we could call home, I, therefore, urge all youths from all races, who could see this, and who therefore can carry over the light to the other population who are uneducated by the causes of those elderly ones who have failed us, and left us in the pits of ignorance. I hope the rest of us can start this journey into our new found land. It’s an operation clear the above 70…….

Now to the masses, dominated by the once Nigeria youths, who also have their ills, restructuring might not save you, secession isn’t even the answer anymore, those who want to secede, have been frustrated too much, about the bad governance in a country their fathers and mothers ancestors were also enslaved, why then should they continue to live in abject poverty and their values isn’t put at the fold, when promises after promises these future thieves who call themselves politicians keep piling on them, I understand how they feel, that’s to my brothers in the east, to those in the west, who are always used as political thuggery, while the old men who have no plans for you, shell out stipends, while you lay down your life wrongfully, for their own agenda, don’t you see its now time to rather be martyrs of true federalism and a government that works and listen to you. You should think because no better time than now.

How long do we have to live in a country where the government do not obey court orders, where it took the government, six months to arrange a cabinet which today is fumbling, it is so unfortunate that the old visions of the past, if again we travel the road of latest developments, lets branch the Chinese donations of foods to the IGP’s in Adamawa and Benue, this donations never get to the right people who need them, and the government of the day keeps jetting out of the country for meaningless reasons, the archives contain the vision 2020, when our independence was still very much infant, I hope the youths can read this, then you will see how unfortunate we have been to be governed by these people, its tragic.

The government do not recognize us, yet we are the Nigerian of yesterday and today, even tomorrow, if Atiku and Buhari is the only candidates in Nigeria, then I rather vote void, because they have nothing to offer, than lies and empty promises, if Nigerians therefore really needs good life, if those with population in the north really want development, then now is the time to vote to make political statement, now is the time to shun ethnic groups when it comes to voting, or else we remain poor and underdeveloped for the next four or eight years.

The youth, therefore, need a form of psychological orientation, that makes them understand how very well so much depends on them, l do believe they would be taught how to do away with invaluable goodies which they might be spoonfed with, comes the closest stage of the election processes, maybe we need more explanations of how much we are, in terms of number:

Age structure 0-14 years: 42.54% (male 41,506,288/female 39,595,720)
15-24 years: 19.61% (male 19,094,899/female 18,289,513)
25-54 years: 30.74% (male 30,066,196/female 28,537,846)
55-64 years: 3.97% (male 3,699,947/female 3,870,080)
65 years and over: 3.13% (male 2,825,134/female 3,146,638) (2017 est.)

This statistics is provided based on current research by the Nigeria Demographic profiles, 2018, this should convince us the more of how United we need to be, to fight this battle ahead of us, countries like, Indonesia, India, Dubai were all made what they are today because of the mentality of their youths, how blessed we are the great Nigeria youths,- time to be watchdogs

Now the incumbent has come with another current lie, they call it the next level, but here are few lies about the next level as proposed, Enough of this lies one of the achievements in the Muhammadu Buhari Next Level campaign document is that they increased power from 4000 megawatts in 2015 to 7000 megawatts today. But how can you increase power without building even one single new power station? And another lie in the document is the Mambilla hydropower plant. But that plant is the product of the former government, Goodluck Jonathan. Don’t take my word for it. Google it. They have no achievements so they lie. There is another achievement in the campaign document is the 700 MW Zungeru power plant. But that plant is also part of all these unserious politicians who are only looking for relevance. Don’t take my word for it, Google it. They have no achievements so they lie, but credits will go for the little they have achieved in the long time they have an immense resources which they have used for their self-prosperity, at the risk of you and I.Reno Omokri is the best selling author of the book facts and figures of the previous Nigeria president Jonathan.

It is although true that at the end of the election, Nigerians might be stuck with either of the two for another four or eight years, but when we vote, lets do that to make a political statement, that we still have the power to decide, that we still have the power to change the game, when the younger aspirant in the election score votes to reasonable margins, the next election will pave way for another younger generation, the houses of representatives would be reshuffled, likewise the national assembly. We will take out the looters who have promised us and still do nothing as we continue to wallow in destitution.

This is just a written piece, for those who seek for a better government, and a better life, totally different from slavery from home, within our home, though they render many of us poor in physical needs, but should we be robbed also mentally, this depends largely on the outcome and participation of the greatest Nigeria youths in the coming election.

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