OAU Giants and UI Pioneers -By Tijani Abdulkabeer

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Tijani Abdulkabeer

This two rivalry bloc won’t stop amazing me in their quest to determine who rules. They have always since inception have a reason to blame and ridicule themselves all in the name of superiority,serving as a watchdog on each other, tagging themselves all sort of unlawful names. Indeed this dichotomy only happens in the mind and am sanguine this argument won’t enjoin general acceptability until entirety.

Back to memory lane, The decision to establish the University of Ife (popularly referred to as “Great Ife” ) by the ruling Action Group party of the Western Region of Nigeria was in protest at the recommendations of the Ashby Report.The protest of the foundation was not only in rebuttal to the perceived politicization of higher education opportunities in Nigeria and the western region but was also designed to fill the gaps in the manpower needs.However, OAU was initially a satellite campus under The Polytechnic Ibadan before finally granted autonomy in january 1967.On the other hand, university of Ibadan was established in 1948 at Ibadan , in the western region as an external college of the university of London and championed as the first institution in Nigeria.

Foremost,there was cordial relationship between this institutions but In recent times,lots of controversies have been arising as a result of leadership clash among students of this two renowned institution,engaging in argument whereby displaying their academics prowess,comparing and contrasting their management as well as there structures. As Dr.Habeeb would say”Older than me doesn’t make you better”.Well that is correct. but don’t think it applicable to the issues at hand because the duo involved are government institution why then should there be disparities as to who is the best? What’s that the rationale behind the creation?

Inconsequentially, students of this great citadel of learning should not forget that learning supercede the four corner of the classroom so determining the bestability of a school should not be based on bias factors. Education is not a means in itself but actually a means to an end. Therefore educational attitude should be cultivated which would then help in re-shaping there orientation and stop boosting around with there almar mater. The society have actually gone beyond appreciating certificates

On the other hand,The fact remains that engaging in such argument would only cause enmity,lack of tolerance,hatred
and won’t inculcate the basic knowledge required. It would as well pave way for alacrity and mediocrity into our educational system.

In the last analysis, I want to urge students of this two premus inter pares to shun any acts of disorderliness and alacrity and rather embrace cooperation and uniformity so as to urshed in the delineation of a new Nigeria and clear away the abnormalities in our educational system.

Tijani Abdulkabeer is a Student of The Polytechnic Ibadan and can be reached via:[email protected]