OAU Unionism And The Continuous Denudation Of Intellectualism -By Bamidele Williams

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Bamidele Williams


The present situation of things in Great IFE students’ union cycle could better be qualified by the agelong Yoruba proverb,

_”Kaka ko san lara iya aje…”_ (a situation of aggravation and increasing severity) as various unfoldings in the last few years and months confirms a gradual descent into the abyss of the sanity in the Union.

In all climes, students are   the conscience of every nation.  They are the ones who call attention to social malady, bad governance and other ills of the society. They are usually radical and often resolute about issues concerning the welfare of the people.

They suffered all manners of maltreatment yet remain adamant insisting they are fighting against the forces of feudalism, parochialism and tyranny in our political system and the rots in the managerial affairs of the university.

The gale of reforms now sweeping through China was brought about after students seized the Tianemen Square and demanded for political changes some few years ago.

Unfortunately, without fear of contradiction, I make bold to say that the crop of leaders at the helm of the Union today, with concentration on Great IFE students’ Union have not lived up to the expectations of the university students community, let alone become positive participants in the business of nation building.

A state of difficult milieu  where ideals that give meaning to the students’ movement are being eroded at an alarming pace.

The ongoing “struggle of power” between the leadership of the CECs and the SRCs that has birthed various unfortunates  further serve as an attestation to my postulation on the fast monumental denudation and degeneration.

Scenarios that clearly shows we are left with typical Nigerian politicians rather than activists at the piloting arena of the Union. Or better still, milk-teeth activists.

However, in everything, I  will like to advise all parts, wings and quarters involved to leave out their self aggrandizements and ulterior motives and let breeze of calmness reign, if not sanity.

To the Union leaders, begin to think of going back to the era of responsible students’ unionism that prioritise students interest above ego and self-importance.

I will also like to advise the propagandists and lie-peddlers who comes in robes and toga of sanctimoniousness in their articles to also find something more meaningful and impacting to do with their ink and time.

Life is beyond the four walls of Ogba Femi.

God Bless.

Bamidele Williams is a journalist. The Convener of PigeonPost News Agency. Follow across my social media handles @Bamidele Williams.