October 1st, let the date of our inter-dependence count once more.

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October 1st, let the date of our inter-dependence count once more


Mahatma Gandhi, one of my favorite revolutionists said that there are Seven Deadly Social Sins: Politics without principle; Wealth without work; Commerce without morality; Pleasure without conscience; Education without character; Science without humility; And Worship without sacrifice. These seven deadly social sins are the very bedrock of Nigerians existence in practice and in theory, thus, the reason we are where we are today -backward.

Another independence day is here again, even though there’s no collective giant strides from everyone sheltered by Nigeria -the greatest country in Africa, even though there’s basically nothing worthy of celebration, we still have to follow social conventions and do as civilization has thought us. Nigeria, a country set on a transformational perspective, reminiscing the posterity dreams of the 1960s, a dream thwarted by swindlers of her green conception. Her own bigoted sons and daughters turn wolves, conniving with tyrants of destiny to devour her. Looking back, the land was green and peaceful too.

Yes indeed, Nigeria was once green and peaceful until the scavenging abductors came calling with ills. They seek for power but were never ready to serve, how do you describe such members of ones own body? We’ve been kept stagnant not because we want to be kept that way but because the decision makers, the very ones unwilling to move to the next phase of civilization, are the stakeholders of power. Without flinching, their vile quest will surely be a mirage and the divination of victims in the realm of the innocent will all be the prayers that bind us together even in our dislike. Nigeria has come a long way but many don’t see it that way. Their eternal desire is to ring the gong of war over the land and their utmost greed for power is thirsty for our blood lines. To those who are smoked up in this damaging desire, they will have a safe sleep as their tomorrow ends today for the courage I have is that of a true Nigerian, hopeful.

Nigerians, my fellow compatriots, your country, the very one that have sheltered you all your life, calls you to a re-investment summit. Save no more your trust in foreign banks for squanderers abroad. Your treasures, the ones you lost to exploitative officials of the public, your name that is worth nothing to anyone, for you are less privileged…they will all be a thing of the past as change has come to wipe this phase away if you can see it.

I will pay N5 more if tomorrow will be better, this is the mentality. Sacrifice is what it takes to savage the ruins of a greedy tomorrow. Many citizens want today and for all they care, tomorrow doesn’t exist. Wash your eyes thoroughly, for your vision is blurred by sentiments. Realize now, that your today was made possible by someone’s yesterday

Nigeria needs more believers to endorse her exit from the hospital bed. Today we are all journalist creating the headlines of her misfortunes. By night fall we shall become architects crafting the greedy master plan and then, by tomorrow we shall discover we are clamped to the sick bed. Victims of circumstances occasioned by our architecture ME, I, MYSELF

Let the date of our inter-dependence count once more!