On The Government-ASUU Tussle -By Bamidele Williams

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Saraki’s son schooled abroad. Same with Buhari and most other politicians.

Even Mr. Fayose, ‘the people’s man’ that is claiming his children school in Nigeria sent them to private universities.

In all these, the most painful thing is that some mumus who are affected by the strike would still turn E-warriors for these same politicians.

“Who cares what happen to Nigerian schools” —is the song in their mouth.

Nigeria is a joke. Especially now that this unfortunate is happening under an Acting President who is a professor.

Frankly, I don’t blame ASUU. Their agitation is to a reasonable extent legitimate.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a government but a propaganda team.

They claimed the government is broke but they won’t stop announcing trillions recovered as loots on daily basis.

President Buhari is celebrating 100 days in a land where he has turned himself to a tourist centre, with millions of naira spent on daily basis to maintain him there. The government officials, turn the tourists, who visit him on daily basis also spend millions of the nation’s commonwealth.

Alas! After all these drama, students/parents will suffer it while government/ASUU are remunerated.

I write to say it is high time the youths of this country put aside ethnicity, sentiments, religious bias and put whatever resources they have on ground together to assassinate these comedians at power through a popular revolt.

Bamidele Williams, a Journalist and Public Affairs Analyst writes his succinct opinion from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.