One Nigeria?! Not Sure If It’s Working.

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One Nigeria?! Is it really working

I am aware of the needs of Nigeria, what am not aware is why the people of Nigeria will be quiet about the needs of Nigeria when they should be attending to the needs of Nigeria.

One Nigeria was fought for. But you know what wasn’t? The ideals and values that should have driven the concept of One Nigeria. Something built on the principles of true intent and existential nobility of all region irrespective of tribes or political affiliations. It is one decision and resolution that many today, believe to be the world’s most biggest mistake on earth. The Yorubas, majorly the Hausas, are the very reason why Nigeria is where she is today, the very reason why the so-called “One Nigeria” is not working today, why it is a catastrophic union.

Without asking, the obviousness of it is clear as the actions and certain inactions in the country presently, has shown that there are people, Nigerians who strongly believe that the Unity of Nigeria is sustainable. Their argument is built on the ground that the country before now, has passed through a difficult time but yet remained one. The truth however, remains that the Unity of Nigeria is questionable or deeply doubtful at best. What Nigeria faces today is a DECLARATION of DIVISION by the Islamic faithfuls, a strategic action to either Islamize the whole of Nigeria, or carve out their own country from it. In century past, Turkey used to be a 100% Christian nation, only for generations to come and go with the Muslim world rising up to wipe out the Christians and today, the number of Christians in Turkey can be counted with majority as settlers. The same practice that today Muslim in Nigeria wants to adopt in Nigeria.

About 250 ethnic groups and over 500 languages, a statistic probably too large to accommodated by one house in the name of Nigeria. The Hausas say their only problem are the Igbos, so also does the Yorubas say the Igbos should be kept away from them. If the Igbos cannot live free in a country they built, if the Tiv, the Igala, Nupe, Gwandara, Calabar, Efik and a host of other ethnic groups in the country which has in one way or another, contributed in the growth of Nigeria, cannot be allowed an equal opportunity, cannot be regarded in a country they’ve lived in all their lives, then One Nigeria is not really working. If the Igbos since 1960 has not tasted power even in their stride, then the long preached One Nigeria is a political contraption and may soon crash under intense pressure as we see today.

Applying force beyond the elastic limit of a METAL, we only get it broken in pieces. Nigeria has reached that critical point where the only thing that will safe the people is a peaceful brake up. If we as a people cannot live together in true oneness as brothers and sisters, then we can break up to become the best neighbours.