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Mr President, write to express of our feelings to you at this time, while we appreciate you and your government for the negotiated release of out 21 girls, and another batch of 82, we wish to also make it know to know of pains and disaffection because it seems we are not being considered.

When the 21 girls were rescued, we begged to be part if the reunion, so we could here about of missing daughters, but we were denied that opportunity. Again when the 82 came home, we were so happy to knowing very well that we could meet them and hear about our daughters, even if they are dead so we could bring this to closure, again we were denied the chance to meet them till today.

If there is any time we are so much worried about our girls then, it is now, when we don’t seem to here anything again from any official, be it our local leaders, our State officials, or the Federal government officials. No one is saying anything to us at all.
We have travelling to ask our local leaders to hear from them, but no one seems interested in briefing us about any effort or action by the Federal government to secure the release of our daughters, we feel neglected.
When the government promised secure the girls soon repeatedly, we thought it won’t be long after the 82 girls were rescued, having seen how possible that was.

Right now we are hopeless and more traumatised than before because it seems, the successes recorded is now considered as closure since no one is paying any attention to our grief.
We wish to call on Mr president and his team to please expedite action and rescue of remaining girls for us to have closure on the Chibok girls while we pray our fighting forces to end terrorism in our land.

We demand that:
The government talk to us and tell us exactly why the delays

We want to know the state of our daughters and when are they coming home.

We want the government to deal directly with parents of the missing girls, let us know what next.

Do not stop us from meeting the rescued girls, we could hear words of comfort from our daughters through them, and to know whether they are alive or not for us to know the next step.

We have lost twenty of the parents we don’t want loose any one of us in this situation again.

Please respond to our call.

For the 113 Parents of the missing girls.
Mallun Nkeki
Yohanna Vanki
Mutah Garba Ndirmbita