Open letter to Mr President -By Dr Tio

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President Muhammadu Buhari

Dear Sir,

The reality of our today in Nigeria is a broken system and a total failure of leadership. You cannot say you do not know it because you are the number one father of the nation.
The old and the young all understand that the succession of leaderships we have had have only gotten worse. I am not old enough to compare life experiences of the civilian and military governments but from what I have gathered so far, there hasn’t been any major upgrade in the civilian times.

I am writing to you because even as you campaign for another tenure in office, the question to be asked is “what has this outgoing tenure offered to Nigerians”? What should we really look forward to in another four years of your government, having witnessed the past four?

The epic failure of our leaders to provide basic infrastructure for youth to thrive has been appalling, but now it’s totally sad. It is sad because with the advancements today, we should not be talking about basic infrastructure anymore. Surely you have achieved some things in the last four years. But when we look around, human rights are still being abused. There is still no system to ensure the equality of citizens or to ensure their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So the question again is “what do we have to hope for?”

Sir, I write to you because you are a father and a grand-father. All Nigerians are your children. When a father fails, where do the children get vision and direction from? I write to you because it is alleged that you called the youth ‘lazy’ at a time. The failure of children can always be traced back to their fathers.

We grew up believing that wisdom is synonymous with age, but these days it seems as if those of your age group have little wisdom that we the youth can glean from. What the young boys and girls need is an enabling environment to thrive. A stable system to support their dreams and groundwork to help them grow mentally and intellectually. Somehow that seems too much to ask for in 21st century Nigeria.

We look around our world and the level of thinking that countries like China, India and United Arab Emirates have risen to. Then we ask if our leaders have eyes and brains. It is sad that we still have the problems of light, water and good roads. It is sad that your generation has left nothing by the way of legacies for the next generation.

I write to you Sir because even as another election looms, and old men jump from party to party in order to remain relevant in providing zero value to citizens, only exploiting them for votes and carrying them around in the same old rusty merry-go-round. What do you want us to remember you as?

Don’t forget that leaders come and leaders go. On Facebook the other day, we were remembering Nelson Mandela. Not because he was a totally outstanding human being, but because he left a legacy.

Election is coming again Sir. The question on everyone’s mind is “what is the way forward”? It may not bother you because of the perspective which you see. But every day, Nigerians live in darkness, in uncertainty, in poor healthcare and abysmal education, in a total sense of insecurity and injustice with no hope of reprieve.

What next Sir? Another four years of what your leadership has given us? If you have no clue then here is my suggestion. We should not be voting in another government to operate under a broken system. We should instead focus on how to repair or revamp the system.

We should be voting on the way forward for Nigerians. Either as a country together or as a number of countries living in harmony. If it is a country, then it should be a country united under a free and fair system giving every citizen the uncontested right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Your generation may believe that wisdom is monopolized by age. But one thing that has happened because of the successive poor leadership is that youth have begun to gain wisdom. Youth have begun to see things that age has refused to see.

Your legacy could be the foundation of the future for Nigerians Sir. And as leader of a nation of gifted and strong people, you could be remembered as the man who said ‘change’ for Nigerians and meant it.

God bless you, Sir.
Another ‘lazy’ youth.