Open letter to Okey Ndibe -By J. Ezike

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Okey Ndibe


Dee Okey, as an Igbo literary giant and perhaps today’s beacon of knowledge for the Old Eastern region since the passing away of our beloved Achebe, your silence in this sensitive issue as regards Nnamdi Kanu’s popularity would have been “golden” and “appreciated” by many of us who adore your cerebral universe and wouldn’t hesitate to accord you with the exact sort of veneration and/or hero worship that Nnamdi Kanu deserves – and evokes from his devotees and loyal apostles in this just revolution.

It is not enough for you to pontificate from your luxurious comfort in the US like Luther King as regards the Biafran Question and the future of the rickety, defunct nation of Nigeria. I am particularly appalled by the hateful, obnoxious rhetoric in your argument and I am left to wonder thickly if the password to your Facebook account has been compromised by some malicious characters. You speak arrogantly of this man (Nnamdi Kanu) as if you are Almighty God whose inclination is infallible, unquestionable. I am rather surprised that a writer of your status can make such humongous mockery of the struggle, unabashed. And I am forced to wonder if it is born out of sheer terror for the DSS or perhaps a constructive attempt to appear relevant to the rest of Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu may not be perfect but he serves as the messianic figure pioneering what you and most so-called intellectuals can’t afford – and I mean this both literally and figuratively. It is not enough to speak grammar and quote the dictionary like you’re some descendant of William Shakespeare. Many of us, the younger generations and writers from the old eastern region would have expected a bit of decency from you. It is true that you reserve the rights to say whatever you like, regardless whose ox is gored but I hope this leaves you with the taste of your own medicine. We are not asking you and those who resonate with your ideals to support the struggle or believe in it, or approve Nnamdi Kanu. I know you have always shied away from the truth, from the Biafran struggle. That’s fine. After all, all men are not equal.

But please note that: there are even far more intellectual folks involved in the struggle for the self-determination of the Lower Niger Territory. You may keep playing the left-wing conservative role in this issue but when the time comes, we shall separate the men from the boys…