Osun 2018 Gubernatorial Poll: A Time To Separate Paul From Barabbas, Differentiating Politics And Polyticks -By Jegede Ayokunnumi Victor

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“When the purpose of a thing is unknown, its abuse remains inevitable as the main purpose of a sword is not to kill but to protect valuable things and self-defence against attack.”

Absolutely beyond reasonable doubt, Osun state is gradually becoming politically tensed as usual, each and every candidate vying for one post or the other kept promising heaven on earth; but something caught my attention couples of months ago that youths in Osun state are about to be lured into another political gimmicks by renowned political sycophants as many politicians flying around now are wolf in sheep clothing.  I felt youths should be sensitized enough against all political bed bugs, angelic demon, and less privileged intellectuals flaunting their attires in various grand styles while enticing youths with money stolen from public funds and selling a myopic, visionless, impracticable ideas to youths through their sugarcoated mouth just like their forefathers and political mentors who are anarchist in nature, sees politics as business and establishment as a profit making industry.  In an ideal community those who refuse to participate, analyses, dissect, study the concept of theory and practical methods in politics will end up been governed by their inferiors as evil will continue to triumph when good men keeps mute; We must not stop asking the political class questions .

Youths should know, because it is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that Osun state is in a state of financial, economic and intellectual coma, that is why some set of people who doesn’t even  have the intellectual privilege  to contest for assistant class representative on OAU campus  are launching their tentacles of aspiration for governorship seat. At this point in time, it is either you are with the progressive mind or retrogressive mind; when I said progressive, I never meant the bunch of political ignoramus who presented an O’ level attempt individual to lead a nation of over 160 million people without database, under the banner of promising us a “CHANGE” that is a noun through a ridiculous anti-corruption mechanism that is a selective permeable membrane.  “WHEN EFCC SEES THE BROOM THEY WILL PASS OVER”, as NIGERIA of today, the best way for any politician to cover escapades is by holding broom and hibernating under the roof of change. I won’t also forget to inform you that a renowned political parasite from Ile-Ife, who still has issues yet to be totally resolved with EFCC, and was also part of the establishment since 1999 with no meaningful contribution to the societal development which is evident because all roads leading to his house still remained  not tarred ,launched his  game as he also aspires to lead the state.Also, a political toothpick in the hands of all mighty mr. Aregbesola, who has is serving as the speaker of the state also has an intention to vye for this same post, I have no issue with his personality but I wish to ask him what has been his contribution to the positive development of the  state, even when draconic aregbesola refused to pay workers salaries for 8 months and started paying half since 18months ago.  Mr speaker, you failed woefully in your primary duties, as legislative arm of government is meant to put the executive arm on their toes, legislative is never an extension of the executive. Though as powerful as you are, you still recieve orders from mr governor before acting. I believe it wasn’t aregbesola that failed the state  it was  the legislative that gave him the privilege to masturbate in the corridor of power.  “Before power corrupts power absolutely, absolute power was guilty in the first place to attract the corruptible because there is no check and balance mechanism.” – HARVICS.

I still remembered vividly that I was part of the people who stopped aregbesola from entering OAU campus , when he was invited to come and speak on the topic :  solution to economic recession through diversifying the economy. I have no problem with his personality, attacking strictly the issue, if the first citizen of state wallowing, regurgitating, ruminating and gesticulating withing the pool of economic recession has been invited to gathering of intellectuals to speak on this topic, don’t you think someday the devil will build a church as start teaching us how to make heaven? Will a man give out what he doesn’t have? . Youths pleaserethink. You should be less concerned about peanut giving out to entice, focus on who leads the state and focus more on those who represents us at the states house of assembly as therein lies the power that governs the state.

Also, I want forget another political maradona from ede, who has launched his awareness satelite, he was also part of the establishment for 7 years using divide and rule method when he served as the speaker of the state. He has no meaningful contribution to the development of the state as he was only concerned about money sharing formulae while he served as the speaker. Those youths that are very close to the above listed politicians should please advise them not to contest for anything in forth coming election as it will only lead to waste of time energy and resources. I will continue to sensitize my people, look here we knew you stole from what is meant for the state, we’ve forgiven you , the millions of dollars you stole should be enough to start a lucrative business . We are tired of political riff raffs re arranging and adjusting their shape and structure every four years under different brand name.

Let’s engage them.

Let’s weigh their intellect..

Let’s neglect popularity.

Let’s stand with integrity.

Let’s be a fan ofsincerity.

Don’t get carried away by promises but implementation mechanism by asking the question  how is this possible?

Do you have facts and figures?


1.politicians vying for one post or the other must not have been part of the establishment and if they are, they should be free of politically rotten antecedent.

2. OSUN state politics is never a means to an end, politics is not a job it is a privilege to serve. You must have a job that you live on.

3. Cross carpeting only means your personality is not good enough to win an election..

4. We don’t want hijacked executive councils, we say no to God fatherism from Lagos or Abuja.

Sum vivimus vivamus..

While we live, we shall serve.

Jegede Ayokunnumi


A political microbiologist.