Our Current Democracy @ 18, A Case For Human Rights Improvement -By Tohwo Oseruvwoja

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In Nigeria, the discussion of Human Rights merely have political and media recognition and expression. However in practicability, there is no political will from Government and citizens in the implementation of the context of the rights as enshrined in the Nation’s Constitution, Regional and International treaties Nigeria is signatory.

In driving this point home, the basic foundation that must be laid by a country classified as a third world Nation, and desire to elevate her statutes in the comity of Nations, is to be altruistic in upholding and protecting the rights of his citizens by making right to qualitative education a cardinal and justiciable policy of Government.

Nigeria as a third World Country with different varieties of tribal (ethnic groups) and religious ideologies, it may not be far fetch, if one opined that if Human rights are printed in the tablet of Nigerian Hearts, the practicability will ease not only smooth running of governance but will also address the current Security, Political and Economic challenges bedeviling the Country.

A quick look at the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (As Amended) Chapter II to be precise, Section 13, 14, 15 (2), 16(1) (a) (2) (d), 17 and particularly Section 18 (1) (2) and (3) which are not justiciable but are merely privileges, that is by implication, government are not under any obligation to act on it, and also citizens have no right to seek redress or enforcement before the judiciary because they are privileges and not rights. That is why, the educational sector of the Nation is in a pitiable condition which less than 15% budgetary allocation by previous and current administration of Government.

The question is and still remain, if Chapter II of the Constitution is not justiciable, not guaranteed and its implementation are merely at the wills and caprices of government, then what is the practicability of the rights as contained in Chapter IV, Section 33 to 44 of the Constitution? If not a mere theoretical or grammatical expression inserted as a fulfilment of righteousness. What is Right to Life, freedom of expression, personal liberty and dignity of person without making justiciable the right to free and qualitative education to citizens of a third world Nation by her Government.

While it can be decipher from the average mind of Nigerians that human rights abuse only occurred and perpetrated by Government, his agencies, corporate entities and Multi- Billionaire Oil Companies. However, due to traditional and religious doctrinal belief beautiful by illiteracy, domestic violence and other social human devices perpetrated against women and Children by their parents, guidance, religious, Political and traditional leaders are seen as mere occurrence of fate and fulfilment of destiny by victims of such acts.

The above situation, can be linked to high level of Illiteracy and lack of education. Ignorance, is not an excuse or a defense to penalty of an offence, however, ignorance of an existence of human rights as protected by the Constitution is a double jeopardy to an individual whose rights are abuse without redress and the Nation. In other words, make right to education justiciable in Nigeria, other rights shall be saved and protected.

Happy Democracy Day Nigeria
God Bless our Nation Nigeria