#OurNASS: The killers of the Nigerian dream.

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Today in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigerians match to seek a redress of a messed up system in the National Assembly. The Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU has been on strike for more than three months, forcing students to remain locked out of school and sit at home doing nothing; Unemployment rate rise on the break of every dawn; Electricity supply is massively disappointing; the nation is in a “calmed chaos” and the people whom leadership of the country lies with are busy flexing and debating which political party should be dismantled and which should not.

This is not the first time Nigerians are calling for a reduction in the salaries of members of the National Assembly. It’s not the first time these set of people are been called upon to make sacrifices that will see the advancement and promotion of Nigeria and Nigerians. Those calls have always fallen on deaf ears! Today, the match whether violent or not, will remind them that the Nigerian people still remembers and will always push forth their demands.

An annual budget of NGN150 billion for just an arm of the government isn’t only too much but ridiculously outrageous. Year in year out not a single Nigerian is given an explanation of how this huge budget is been used. How does one justify a remuneration of an estimated sum in the neighbourhood of NGN31,160,000 per person? How can that huge amount be collected by an individual when Nigerians are hungry, with no proper shelter to live in?

Yes you may argue that the protest may not stop them, that argument maybe correct but doing nothing will definitely not stop them. The time when citizens of countries are treated like fools, flying anything and everything over their head is gone. Today, in this 21st century, the people are more than willing to be involved in the decision making process of their country. They want to be carried along every step of the way and no one can blame them because the government owes it to them. Transparency and accountability is the mitochondrion of a peaceful and unanimously progressive nation.

We cannot keep allowing negativity to progress and triumph. Wherever you are today, tomorrow, next tomorrow, in the future, always remember that if you don’t stand for your right, no one will do so on your behalf.