Parading indecencies of the Nigerian people.

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A number of the developed countries of the Western world are today, looking for ways to return to that era where decent and moral behaviours are part of the growing society. Every now and then they set up various workshops, seminars and community outreach through Churches in order to let their people know the dangers of what they are doing, to understand that where they are presently, is killing the system and spoiling the anthem of their creeds.

In some cases, they point to the foreigners, some of the well behaved Nigerians, and asked that they emulate them if they most find their way back.

Today in Nigeria, most youths (women leading in this area) believes that if they are not dressed naked then they haven’t started respecting and representing FASHION and STYLE. They work so hard to emulate the international stars whose country governments are working hard to make them see the importance adding virtue to their colouration. The things that these stars wear on star during performances are what some of our ladies wear to go to Church, dinner parties, naming ceremonies etc. Some of them have their breast pocking out of their dress without them knowing it, they call it fashion, I call it indecency and immoral behavior. In all this times, these ladies think they are meeting up the yearn for fashion and representing the brands in vogue but the truth is, they are building a fence to their marriage propositions. Not too many men in this present day will want to settle down with a lady that is generally perceived as “wild” and “indecently” dressed. Yes you are good when it comes to dating and probably making love to, but not marriage. Little wonder why some ladies even in their thirties (30) are still not hooked up to serious men let alone married.

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The men are also not left out in this area. Have you not seen some thirty-eight (38) or forty (40) year old men still dressed up like a 25 year old university student? Playing funny, dirty and time wasting games when his mates are out there achieving an immeasurable success in terms of wealth, children and other good makeups of a responsible man. Younger youths of ages between 20 and 30 walk from pillar to post aimlessly with their trousers beneath their buttocks (sagging) while others are busy looking for ways to create and invent things that the world will never stop using, and never forget them.

Some of these things that are listed or rather mentioned above are personally harmful behaviours, how about the one that affects the society we live in? The ones that expose further the indecent public behavior and that tells people around the kind of person we are, the kind of characters in Nigeria, are shown in the pictures below:

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The pictures we see here are not fashion, its indecency and corruption of modesty. Its not the way well brought up people behave, this is not being civilized, it is called being stupid and irresponsible. The worst of it all is that even some old men and women who are supposed to advise their children, also dress and act like they do. The truth whether we want to hear it or not is that we are ambassadors be it inside the country or outside. Our attitude may not affect our person but it sure does affect our society and sends the wrong message to others who are not part of the makeup of your country. If we don’t today, try very hard to tell our own stories through our own good actions, others who barely know us will do that for us and the way they will do it, will definitely send the wrong signal.

Let’s make Nigeria better today!