Passion for career: The only way you can get a job.

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After series of research and analysis, i have come to the conclusion that the only way one can be independently successful is by making his PASSION his CAREER.

The past 10 hours has been the toughest hours ever since i woke up today. As i sat down there stairing at my computer, going through the syntax of my program while watching an inspirational motion picture, it hit me. The reason most people never get to their destination in life isn’t because of the negative influence the society has on them, but there inability to properly process the individual digits in their brain, that combines to form an idea.

The only thing that makes an idea “an idea” is the ability to process it and output a result. If the amount of time we give to trivia things are given to our ideas, then nothing can stop us from accomplishing any set goals. Then again, not everyone you see around you have a goal. Ask some people what they can do with a billion naira if they have access to such, they’d be confused.

If we are to take statistics, the number of people probably lying down on their parents sofa right now, waiting to work for someone by getting a white-collar job, will be uncountable. In as much as it pains to see that most tertiary institution don’t teach how you can create jobs with your acquired skills but how to be a good employee, you just can’t wait forever. Every single day i wake up, i know i have grew older by 1 day.

The dream of every thinkable man is to do something substantial, so much so that it can span a generation. There are millions of ideas out there, people close to them are grabbing theirs and walking past, the world moving at a faster pace, seating down and waiting for letter of employment that might never come will only make you the most insignificantly educated person on earth.

The only history you can speak perfectly of tomorrow, is the one you make today.