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General Buhari warning against destabilizing his political party.

General Buhari warning against destabilizing his political party.

(Being draft of text by members of the Executive Council of the CPC (Kwara State) on the unearthed plot to destabilize our party nationwide by the ruling party in connivance with compromised party members)

The Congress for Progressive Change (Kwara State Chapter) will like to use this medium to alert the country, particularly leaders of our party, sister opposition parties, the media and all public spirited Nigerians that are in the same vanguard for true federalism, democracy, rule of law, social security and economic posterity with us, that there is an uncovered grand plan, to be oiled with Billions of naira war chest by the ruling PDP, to scuttle the ongoing merger talks among the progressives in the country. In fact, we can authoritatively reveal that some PDP bigwigs in the country in company of a few compromised sections of the disgruntled members of the All Nigerian People’s Party and the Congress for Progressive Change, Action Congress of Nigeria and the All Grand Alliance have been severally spotted in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital in recent times during their nocturnal gang-up.
Although we have been keeping a dossier on the clandestine moves of especially the few reneges in our midst for a while now, trusting, albeit naively, that their scheming would not be more than the usual self-seeking permutations of professional politicians in the country, but their recently uncovered dangerous pandering to the ruling elite in the country and the resultant resort to blackmail and rumor-mongering, truly threw us off guard.
We especially wish to alert the 36 state chapters of our Party and teeming party faithful spread across the Federation that the hawks have devised a multi-prong approach to destabilizing our party. These methods include but are not limited to; flying the dangerous kite of dissolution of the democratically elected State Executive Council to be hatchet by a few already compromised members of our party; resort to cheap blackmail through frivolous petitions and petty rumor mongering and also pandering to ethnic and religious fault lines among members, all in a desperate bid to cause disaffection in the party and bring down the State Executive Council members who are democratically and legally constituted.
We are reliably informed that since the well oiled attempt at destabilizing the National Leadership of the party has fallen flat in their faces, their next best bet is the destabilization of the State Chapters in active cohort with a few political hackers in our midst, who have been handsomely rewarded. Unfortunately, Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital, with its peaceful and quite ambience, and away from the prying eyes of the media and the vigilant public, has been strategically chosen as the headquarters of the grand conspiracy. Already, the state chapter of the party, being their natural port of call and pilot state for the evil plot is already feeling the heat.
As a party, we will not pretend to be unaware of the perfidy and treachery being surreptitiously orchestrated by a set of self-seeking anarchists in our midst as a direct impact of the ruling party’s evil intention. The good news is that these political cancers are already being identified. These pseudo progressives are reputed for using a pre-prepared template to go about destabilizing any political party that is unfortunate to embrace them. Not only do they have a shameful and promiscuous history of jumping ship wherever their bread is no longer buttered, but also have a record of attempting to hijack the machinery of the unsuspecting party to pave way for their ultimate goal of destabilizing that party. The plan of these charlatans have been exposed, therefore, party members and our national body should discountenance their flaw antics and frolics.
We equally urge the public, sister opposition parties and especially the media to be wary of these political adventurers whose grand plan, in connivance with their paymasters in the government, is to precipitate a crisis of epic proportions in our midst. We warn members to be wary of these persons who have failed to show any sense of remorse or repentance for their actions that caused the party a huge lost at the previous polls.
However, to those who will allow themselves to be used to set the country back and prevent Nigerians from taking back their country from the hands of the marauders; we have a warning for them: Don’t try it, because it will end up consuming you! But beyond that, the teeming members of the party are not ready to succumb to the antics of these shady characters, whose only stock in trade is to realize their inordinate and wide ambition of taking over the Leadership of the Party both at the National and State Chapters in order to pave the way for the destabilization bid of their sponsors.

We will not fold our hands and allow elements with evil intention to scuttle our renewed bid to rescue the country from the ruling predators. Consequent upon this, the security men have already been briefed about the latest development. We are crying out now for the people to know that the vampires have been planted in our midst. Nigerians in general and Kwarans in particular should be steadfast in their defense of our fledgling democracy and resist any attempt in whatever guise to truncate it. Our party will not be cowed or succumb to blackmail to abandon its resolve to rescue the country from the hawks, no matter the amount of public funds and evil scheming sunk into such plot.

Alhaji Suleiman Buhari Chairman