POEM: I Know Not -By Isaiah Ogedegbe

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I know not what direction
The wind of destiny drives me,
But I know Him by whose wind
I am driven.
I know not what the future holds,
But I know Him who holds the future
In the palms of His hands.

I know not where it leads-
The road that I take,
But I know Him by whose rod and staff
I am comforted.
I know not what tomorrow will bring,
But I know Him who will bring tomorrow
And He will bring no trouble with it.



I know not what purpose
The life He gave me is meant to serve,
But I know Him by whose hand
I am framed.
I am the clay, He is the potter
And all the men and women are weak,
Fragile and frail.

I know not why it is so-
The foolish to shame the wise,
The weak to shame the strong,
The lowly and the despised to nullify the existing.
He has chosen them to use His wisdom and His strength
So that the wise and the strong may see it in them
And fear Him and boast not.

Source: Warri Times