Poetry: Buhari, My President… -By Isa Mubarak

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Isa Mubarak

Isa Mubarak


My president is from the North, South, West and East,
He is realistic, Just and he is full of intelligence

True Man of every culture, religion and creed,
My President is strong, competent and has common sense

He is Buhari, He is my President
Faith is his armor, and hardwork is his hope
His pride does’nt lie in wealth; it’s in his achievement
Persistent and determined, He is an indefatigable soul

He belongs to everyone and belongs to no one indeed.
He does not mince words, he put to sleep terrorist
He is what men of worth repeat his glorious feat
He is Buhari, the anti- corruption Jihadist

He stands by his citizens and help them succeed
He is Buhari, My President.