Political Campaign: Using Symbolic Facts -By Femi Amosun

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Further to my recent piece (Creative Communications and Political Campaign in Nigeria view), which focused on the importance of marketing communications in the context of political campaign in Nigeria, and the beneficial effects of using local expertise to achieve positive outcomes, I am duty-bound to offer my expertise at this crucial time leading to the 2019 General Election.

Accede me to emphatically state that l have not been influenced or induced, financially or otherwise, by any political godfather(s) or a member of any Political Party. The background analysis conducted and any suggestions are purely non-partisan and independent to the core.

During the recent People’s Democratic Party (PDP) explicit 2019 Campaign Launch in Sokoto, PDP stated that their Campaign would be Issues-based, issues on the ground. 

I may take the view that Issues-based strategy may not necessarily work in the favour of PDP. The prime reason why millions of Nigerians are facing hunger today is because of the monumental scale of Public funds looted during the 16 years of PDP government. In addition, the other two biggest Elephants in the lucid shadow of PDP are ACCOUNTABILITY and IMPUNITY. Many Nigerians will reminisce that PDP whilst in government committed an act of sheer unaccountability with impunity to the extent that looted public funds were shared among the selected few. Having observed the high-level of corruption in our country, Nigeria was referred to as a “Fantastically-Corrupt country” Sagacious Nigerians will also be sentient of the fundamental facts that had the All Progressives Congress (APC) lost the 2015 General Election, the monumental scale of looted public funds would have been notoriously covered-up with impunity.



APC should now respond to the PDP’s Issues-based strategy by focusing on the fundamental reasons why Nigerians are facing HUNGER and other social upheavals.

Using the concept of Functional Needs; APC should profoundly articulate all related problems and conflicts to the ineptitude of PDP 16 years in government. In order to reassure the Voting public, APC should highlight all the specific Measures and Policies in place to solve all the problems created by PDP misgovernment. It would appear that the PDP 2019 Campaign focuses on the issue of Hunger in the land (as overzealously expressed as if they care about the masses), which effectively means invoking Fear appeal to influence or convince the unsuspecting members of the Voting public. The same Fear appeal should now be used to counter PDP claims. APC, as a ruling Party, should move swiftly to identify the negative consequences of PDP 16 years in government. The underlying logic is that fear will stimulate and awaken the unconscious minds of the Voting public, thereby becoming fearful of another PDP Administration. The appeals may take the form of social disapproval or informing the public about the danger of another PDP Administration.

In this unsolicited Campaign communication advice, l should strongly advise APC to rigorously focus on key issues that will resonate with the Voting public, which are:

  • President Buhari’s Strengths and the Opportunities of another 4 Years
  • APC Achievements to date

Equally important, APC should put these cardinal QUESTIONS to PDP:

  • PDP should unreservedly explain to Nigerians why they allowed monumental Corruption to take place during their 16 Years in government. Explain how looted Public funds were shared among the selected few
  • PDP should explain to Nigerians WHY PDP leaders and politicians are so rich whilst millions of Nigerians are languishing in Poverty. What is their source of monumental wealth?
  • PDP should explain to Nigerians WHY PDP allowed Religion and Ethnicity to divide our country leading to unprecedented social upheavals including culture of hostility, tribalism and religious intolerance
  • Nigerians should be encouraged to compare and contrast how rich some PDP leaders and politicians were prior to May 1999 and when some of them left Office in May 2015
  • PDP should explain to Nigerians how PDP plan to return all the stolen money, which are sufficient enough to alleviate poverty in our country.

I should also advise APC to:

  • Let Nigerians know that the 2019 General Election is about TRUST and CREDIBILITY
  • Outline the many reasons WHY Nigerians should never trust PDP
  • Nigerians should resist the PDP Deceitful and Fake Promises
  • Aggressively remind Nigerians about the Days of Lootings and Money-Sharing between PDP. Do we want to be perceived as a “Fantastically-Corrupt country”?
  • Nigerians should not Reverse the Progress made by APC within 4 Years in Government
  • Direction not Diversion

Tactical Campaign for APC

  • Establish ongoing communication with the voters – Regular Newsletter that presents compelling reasons why APC should be trusted with another 4 Years
  • Continually highlighting how APC Policies and Programmes will impact positively on the lives of Nigerians
  • Political Engagement across the country, including Community engagements and local Events to generate lot of goodwill in the community
  • Public Opinion polling. A successful campaign knows which audience will decide the outcome, where they are, what they think and how to communicate with them. So embark on Opinion research to achieve positive outcomes
  • Plan and launch Mobile advertising. Effective and eye-catching mobile Outdoor Advertising nationwide
  • Weekly Press briefings leading to the General Election whereby trusted and credible Journalists are invited.

At a time when Nigeria, slowly but steadily, is regaining her lost glory and gaining international confidence, the APC-led government cannot afford to allow all the progress made to emaciated. As we approach the 2019 General Election, What is at stake is our National interests including meaningful Youths engagement and building sustainable future. The APC-led government must be inclined to protect our National interests; develop and preserve resources including the Economy; Trade; National wealth; Human resources; Political system and evolution; Social system; Physical infrastructures; Education system; Security and Safety; sustainable Healthcare and Welfare; Commerce & Industry sectors; Public institutions; Power supply; Jobs creation; and above all relentlessly improve the lives of Nigerians.

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