Polygamy Today: A Bait For Fun-catching Which Is Birthing Sociological Disaster And Familial Discord -By Hammed J. Sulaiman

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Polygamy. Polygamy as history has it, is a practice in which one man is married to more than one wife. In the heydays though, the practice is totally detriment at the instance of women, for they were used as “sex machines”, “lust satisfiers” and there was perceived apt of injustice from the quarters of heroic men and wealthier men then. The shadow and regulations of this is later reflected in Scriptures. For instance, Al-Quran on Its stance stipulates applicable ways and manners a man is obliged in his course of polygamizing. Also, the Bible shows out plethoric footprints of evidences of polygamy being practiced in biblical times, especially in Old Testament. Although theologians are best left to judge its (Polygamy) relevance in/to current Christianity.

On the same note, as evidenced in Quran 4 verse 3, Al-Quran enjoins men that are capable of treating more than one woman with equality and justice, can marry up to four wives. Despite the fact that Al-Qur’an used “justice” being melted on the wives to discourage men, yet the growth of polygamy practice today is mere in catching fun, which can be said is leading to perennial crisis in the family setting and causing kerfuffle at societal level. This is based on the rate of divorce, especially being witnessed in the Northern part of the country (Nigeria). Can we say because Al-Quran permits polygamy, men without iota sense of justice just approach prospective bride doorway of a particular woman and ask for her hands in marriage, all a bait to get buried alive in the most sacred place of herself? Or can we say men are using supportive Qur’anic verses to quell their appetite by plucking desirable flowers to which then they can jettison and look for more golden flowers through divorcing and remarrying?

Jacob Zuma of South Africa with all his wives

As earlier said, Bible also takes Its stance on polygamizing for Moses had two wives. Thus Deuteronomy 21:1-17 shown that Mosaic Law adapted the practice of marrying more than one wife, captured female prisoners from foreign conquests inclusive. Likewise Deuteronomy 25:5-12 made provisions for continuing the family line by marrying a brother’s wife if he died without producing heirs. There are so many few to mention biblical verses that butress polygamy, and rationales behind it was strictly adhere to then, to give birth to positive effects on any particular society. Though there is current one-man-one-woman rule in Christianity that has it base from Adam-Eve that, “man being joined to his wife, and two will becoming one flesh.” That apart, for the ‘rationale and justice’ to women in polygamizing are the born of contentions.

Today, the practice of and reasons for polygamy have positive packs that litred its negativities. How? Though some tangible reasons for polygamy are, first, increment of children particularly when a wife is barren or gives birth to females children only. Secondly, to mitigate the problem of overplus of women and thirdly, to provide sexual satisfaction to men full-of-lust. But while polygamizing, can all these be done by ‘average men’ whom Al-Quran enjoins to be able to afford each wives equal protection and benefit? Justice as entrenched in the Al-Quran must be on the string of heart of any man that want to polygamize. Reverse is the case.

Contemporary, under the canapoy of civilisation, we still have many polygamists that, despite the warning in the Scripture, visit ‘black markets’ to ‘sana wole’. Today, we have polygamists that polygamize not on how it is being laid in the Scripture but for fame, competition and ‘I fit do I fit do’. These have given more birth to broken homes and shattered more marital status. These have ejaculate fracas and cause familial discord in polygamous homes, the flame of which is having stamp in societal level.

Conclusively, this writer has in mind not to generalize the generalisation of effects of polygamy, and not to opposite what the Scripture(s) says. But ‘taps current’ to awaken the spirit of concerned souls that Today Polygamy is in motion to that of heydays; where women were cheated on, used and seen as “sex machines”, “lust satisfiers” and as mere objects to wealthier men.

Hammed J. Sulaiman
Poet/Essayist/Writer, a Student of Law from the Most Peaceful University in Nigeria, UDUSOK.
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