Poverty, Lies & Critical Unthinking: The Undoing of Daddy Freeze -By Nneka Okumazie

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The best moment for certain people, before a Church service, is to look for change, so they can use a really tiny amount for offerings. If the reason is unbelief or doubts about the use of it, or no self-benefit. Then it is a massive mistake to look for change.

That changed amount, is still too big, the individuals should have gone tinier or if possible gone empty in the offering box.

There is no point giving – in a true Church – if anyone feels cheated or there is an underlying grumble about who benefits.



Giving can be defined in several ways, but acceptance by the Lord GOD is defined by several steps in the Scriptures. Giving is supposed to be in faith and in accordance to instructions.

Giving in Church or Poverty

Daddy freeze often says giving in Church makes people poor. NO! Giving in Church can never make anyone poor.

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No matter how sacrificial the giving is, it is always with discretion. If it happens that till the next income the person lacks – if genuine at it – there’s mental preparedness for that consequence.

Poverty is reliant on what people earn, what they spend, and the base condition of living. A dedicated percentage off one’s income does not make a person impoverished. Taxation does not make salary earners poor. Pension deduction does not make salary earners poor.

School fee does not make a parent poor. Rent does not make a person poor. Earnings often determine the level to go with for essential spending. If a person is poorer as a result of any of these, it could be equated with profligacy.

In Nigeria, with unpredictable expenses [or income leakages], like fuel for generator, transport cost spikes for weather, traffic, rush hour or fuel scarcity, sudden government policies that ricochets at sectors, or whatever spontaneous spending there is because of underdevelopment, is also responsible for poverty.

Sacrificial giving is often encouraged towards a project or a vision, or whatever, but not expected to be regular – to starve or be unhealthy or quit work or school just because.

There is no expectation that any giving in Church will result in colossal deprivation that will be interpreted as gross foolishness – to be used to ridicule Christianity in the medium to long term.

You give, you believe, you wait, and GOD rewards – but first, giving in righteousness and from legitimate work.

The Central Bank, Finance Ministry and Trade agencies or ministries are far more responsible for poverty in Nigeria. When prices are high, the purchasing power of what people earn plummets. There are angles of trade, investment and monetary policies needed to make consumer prices friendlier.

If the giving in a true Church is a scam by the Church or the Pastor, then it is a scam with a choice – which is not exactly a scam. Some who find the smallest change with their own money are making a bad choice, letting go into something they are doubtful of.

It is possible that doubts may hit the mind at times but, Christians often plead the Blood of Jesus against strange thoughts. However, if thoughts are concluded regarding any kinds of giving in Church, no need to allow yourself be scammed of the money on you that you chose to put away.

Nigeria does not need Critical Thinking

Rather, Nigeria needs potent thinking and action that will be useful for national development and solutions in all these sectors with raging underdevelopment.

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Those who keep saying Christianity is not good for Nigeria are pitching an alternative of nothing that cannot develop Nigeria. All their agitation is hate for the Church, not that it is worth anything to development or has any value.

There is no human being that questions everything – all the time. There is tendency to ask questions in a new place or experience, or when something feels odd or different, or when something seems uncomfortable, or when something seems imposed.

Everyone questions something. But the new crops of questioning Christianity group are ignoring their bias. Because they seem biased against what they are questioning. They forget that in their lists of allowance there are some strange things they don’t question, because they like it or it works for them.

Critical thinking noisemakers are the similar with certain moral noisemakers, who choose what kind of wickedness seems right, or what kind of illicit stuff is OK to do, or work. There is often the moral bias, which can say one thing is worse while this is not that bad, but all in the same category of horror.

Yes, it is OK to question certain stuff in Christianity. Even in the Scriptures, sometimes, the Lord GOD Almighty told some people some things and soon after made them see reasons. He knows the minds of humans are powerfully intelligent.

But in general, because they are no satisfactory answers to a truth for any person, or a person is unable to understand some facts, it does not invalidate the fact.

How come critical thinking is against Christianity and frees up African religions? How come critical thinking is against the Church, and frees up atheism? Atheism itself does not allow itself to be critically addressed – often. How come only what seems to be the bad parts of nature, makes GOD not exist, but the good parts are never mentioned to His credit?

Also, how come atheism is majorly against Christianity, excluding other religions, or their gods? How come lots of people admit there are strange spiritualties and powers, but when it comes to the Christian Faith, they play the atheism card?

Some of the global atheists are in science where they are tons of unanswered questions and not understood stuff, but they are fair in science, in spite of unknowns and stick with it.

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The critical thinking atheists in Nigeria are even lamer. How come they hate foreign Christianity but like foreign internet, technology, science, economics, business model, etc.? How come their critical thinking means smartness but they are cannot find solutions to power outages, or work on novel innovative solutions that can transcend the continent?

Sometimes for Christians, they can often remember: 1 Peter 1:7, “That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ. Jude 1:20, “But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost