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Over the years Nigerians has been praying fervently for constant power supply as it is the bedrock of economic development in our beloved country. Constant power supply is no longer a thing of want but a complete necessity to drive our small and medium enterprises as well as manufacturing companies and, also attract more foreign investors into the country which will in turn provide tons of jobs for her teeming population.
To a greater extent the power supply in the Federal Capital city have quite improved since the annunciation of the new electricity tariff and installation of the new prepaid meter, but the same cannot be said for other part of the countries. We can largely attribute the near constant power supply we enjoy presently in Abuja to the work of the erstwhile Minister of Power, Prof. Barth Nnaji. The Nigerians I know, just like my very self, do not really care who becomes the new minister as long as the little constant electricity supply we enjoy today is improved upon, and does not meet its untimely death in the hands of some new Power Minister.

After the resignation of Prof. Barth Nnaji, most foreign companies that indicated interest and signed agreements to help revamp the nation’s epileptic power supply, withdrew, on grounds of cynicism. This simply implies that the Federal Government will have to start afresh to scavenge for new foreign investors.

Listen to Special Adviser to the Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Dr. Uche Okoro with anchor of The MoneyShow, Nancy Illoh, as he answer questions on the minister’s resignation, the new tariff and where the country is heading to as regards power supply.

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What is your opinion on the power sector reform in Nigeria today?