Present a Visionary Candidate, PVC! -By Oluseye Fakinlede

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The kind of government we practice in Nigeria is what it’s best described as a” re-cycling seat syndrome” unlike the “seat tight syndrome” practiced in some African countries whereby an individual would rule or ruin a country for years until their government toppled. Unknown, our practice to either rule or ruin is being encouraged by our voters’ card.

The whole sensitization about the Permanent Voters’ Card registration should not be our best election strategy for the forth coming 2019 Presidential election. Even if it is, while we try to mobilize and encourage people to vote and decide a political leader for the next four years, we also must need to know what to vote for and what to expect in order to hold the would-be leader accountable should ‘’they’’ fail us. This is far beyond one having an indifferent or pessimistic view about the whole ‘’ PVC-zealous awareness but, I am just concerned if we are going to vote some different persons to follow the normal national decline status quo.

It is witchcraft to believe and know that you cannot get a different result if you keep trying same thing with same process, yet this sagacity is just swept under the carpet whenever there is a need to act! We all need to carefully consider where we are going to and the way forward for 2019. Less the card turns to a valid identification for new accounts and Western Union dealings. The journey of a mile begins with a step but that is only if it is the right step less we grope in the dark for another period of four years.

What is the plan for the country? Our national challenge is not only security, corruption and terrorism but intellectual, nepotism, ethnicity, amongst the other lists. How do we plan to solve these? How do we plan to skyrocket the growth of the nation? Are we going to have a re-structured government? Is it not possible to have regional governments? How can the country intellectually improve? How can the country technologically improve? How do we plan to reduce the rate of unemployment or encourage entrepreneurship? Or are we going to stick to our for-the-people-and-of-the-people? Or are we simply going to select a leader because we are fed up with the current government? Who has a vision for the country?

The PVC awareness would be best achieved if we make people visionized the benefits of casting their votes for the right person.The election should be with a focus not just about getting any Tom, Dick and Harry who are 18 and above to vote. The purpose of the PVC is not to vote for a party nor the usual election propaganda but to vote for a candidate who is willing to improving the nation because the voters ‘card is to support only the Visionary Candidate. Since that has been said, do register; do vote.