President Buhari, The Luckiest Politician Ever -By Halim Ishaq Shehu

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What president buhari does and gets away with, other politicians dare not for once take a short at the smithereens of such act not even president Donald trump of the United state, or Emmanuel macron of France, because their body would not be able to contain the heat of the tumultuous reaction that would greet their actions. But our president: a very lucky person will laugh it off.

Just imagine if it was another top politician son that crashed a multi-million naira bike, and then afterward, flown to Germany hospital for injury, in spite the vow he (Buhari) has made to improve our hospitals to world-class hospitals in order prevent the traveling of the wealthy citizens of Nigerians to the offshore of the country for medical succor. But it is president Buhari, therefore, he cannot jeopardize the health of his only son to pandering to a mere political avowal.

Halim Ishaq Shehu

When the economy of the country declined drastically, and the naira was gasping for breath in a battle of value against other foreign currencies, many people were aloof to that, they gave an alibi that there is no free money to steal by the corrupt politicians, hence, they resorted to sabotage of the government of President Buhari. These people failed to know that president Buhari may not have the ability to apprehend the complexity of building an economy; their eyes are blind to the reality because it is president Buhari.

The flagrant disregard of the rule of law that continues to preponderate the administration of President Buhari where the court decisions are flouted, the media houses are raided for speaking against the president, and the oppositions are persecuted yet, no frantic condemnation of the act of the president for the brazen hampering of our renascent democracy, but because it is president Buhari; he is always right in his decision.

How about his continued aloofness to the Corruption allegation against his kinsmen? We should remember that corruption fight was the cardinal point of his campaign promises, yet, corruption continues to be prevalent in this administration, but we are not going condemn him for his inability to meeting up his campaign promises because the likes of Saraki, Dogara and other honchos of the national assembly have eroded the power of the president with their actions. We are always going to have what to use to deference to every decision president buhari makes.

Then let’s talk about security, Boko Haram, though decimated according to the information minister, still attack our soldiers nonetheless. Then, the persistent tussle between the herders and the farmers that has reeked the killing of thousand of Nigerians which the president has come out several times to blame Gaddafi for proliferation of arms for his clutching at the straws action before his death eventually, the prevalent kidnapping along our highways; and the continued carnage in Zamfara, but no one will condemn our president for his inability to nip these scourges in the bud, because it is president Buhari.

I am so envious of this unconditional love that president Buhari gets from millions of Nigerians that makes me feel like there may be a strong spiritual concoction that he has let loose on them that has elicited it.

President Buhari is the luckiest politician ever.