Primaries, Defection and the 2019 General Elections -By Emmanuel Momoh

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It is no news that during the previous week, many political parties conducted primary elections. These elections were conducted to select the best candidate that will represent the parties for various elective posts in this forthcoming general elections scheduled to hold next year.

As it is with previous elections, every contestant promised “Paradise” on earth. Many others in a bid to save their political careers defected from one party to another. After all, politics they say is a game and once just like a Yoruba adage says “it is expected that an individual engages in a business in which he or she will make maximum profit”.



Notwithstanding all these, many issues bother the mind of the writer. The first is based on the fact that most of the contestants are those who presently hold political offices. The writer is of the opinion that Nigerian political structure is weak and to a large extent does not support the inclusion of the upcoming generations who our leaders refer to as the ” Leaders of tomorrow” into the system. Furthermore, the writer is sceptical as to the fact that the #Not to young to run bill# might only be an assumption and not something that is meant to come to reality.

Its high time Nigerians wake up and decide their own future. In this regard, Jose Marti said ” the first duty of a man is to think for himself “. Also, Louis L’Amour said ” To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers…..”.

After all, if one does not decide his or her own future, another individual will do. The federal ministry of information and other media channels both public and private must ring out the jingles in the need for everyone to get his or her own permanent voters card. All hands (both small and big) must be on deck to ensure that the elections are held orderly and without the compromise of electoral laws. The government to be voted into power must also ensure that they deliver their electioneering campaign promises. Hence, the hopes of Nigerians that have been entrusted into their hands should not be dashed.

Issues such as underage voting, tribalism as regards to voting at various polling units should be nipped in the bud. After all, democracy is a plant that only survives under favourable conditions. Little wonder therefore that Abraham Lincoln said “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people

The writer wishes every contestant the best of life in their struggle to attain the seat of power.