Procrastinating your fears.

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I stay up every night, at times till 5 am in the morning. Going to bed when every other person in the house is about waking up. Even at that, i get to have just about 3 hours of sleep before getting up to plan how the rest of my day will go. Yes, i stay awake mostly because that’s the nature of my line of specialty, and maybe because am already use to staying awake. While up developing applications, i get to think and execute some of the other stuff i couldn’t finish up during the day. I get to face my fear!

For the purpose of this topic and saving you some academic definitions of what fear is, fear is an emotional draw-backs to establishing your target goals. In most cases, it is usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight. But a large majority of those who are slaves to “procrastination” are those who instead of waiting to confront their fear or fears as the case maybe, flee from it. Causing untold delayance in accomplishing their target goal. The amount of damage done when one flee instead of waiting to fight is immeasurable. It slows down ones actions, prevents you from growing and most devastating, traps you in a web of poverty and helps you exist as a “nobody”.

I have thoroughly looked at instances in Nigeria, made comparisons with some developing and developed countries of the world in this regards, and come to the conclusion that aside every other presumable reasons why Nigerians, the youths in particular, are inconsequential in the eyes of both the leaders and the world, is due to procrastination. One question i have for procrastinators is this, why shift what you can do today for tomorrow?

It is very certain that tomorrow will come, but what is not very certain is the definite assurance that you will see that tomorrow. And if this is truly the case, why shift what you can do today for tomorrow when you do not hold the key for the next day in your life? I know of someone who used to be a strong procrastinator, almost on everything. One day, he fell sick minutes after promising a client to leave an engagement for the next day. Because he was sick, he couldn’t deliver the promised project on the set timeline. Few days after he recovered, the client called and told him that if he had completed the said project on a specific timeline, he would have become the handler of all the company’s projects. What a huge loss you’d say!

Very few who do not understand the damages of procrastination will argue the context. Be that as it may, whether we like it or not, it kills. You have to take back your life, dust it up and gear towards a new process. To do this, you have to do away with procrastination, you have to recreate or reinvent yourself.

Never allow yourself to be a slave to procrastination anymore.