Programs & Activities

It is not in loving ourself that we get the utmost satisfaction of fulfillment, but in extending the same love to many others in our world -our less privileged neighbours!

Aside our giving voice to the voiceless in and around the world, OpinionNigeria has programs and activities pack, that pragmatically addresses certain issues in our society, our world. Below is a list of our program activities.

1. Reach-Out Out-Reach (ROOR)
The ROOR program is designed to support individuals and groups in various capacity. We visit HOMES(orphanages), PRISONS and REFUGEE centers with gift packages. We co-opt Young African Leaders to take up same initiative in their various countries, providing supports through financial and non-financial means, to those who needs it.

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2. Save Africa Campaign (SAC)
The continent of Africa needs to be saved. From bad leadership to societal reorientation, sensitization and rebranding in all sections of her wellbeing. Once in every month, OpinionNigeria through social media, run a campaign which includes Young Africans, where we remind them of the problems in Africa and the need to push, and continue to push for an effective change in the system. We operate with the hash tag, #SaveAfrica

3. Food Subsistence Through Agriculture (FOSTA)
For ages, individuals and groups has been stating the problems of the universe, the problems that matters to human security through food production. They have been asking the questions and supplying answers without figuring out perfect solutions to the problems. FOSTA focuses on the generation of continental ideas that conceptualize practical solutions to these long standing problems in Agriculture.

The primary aim of FOSTA is to ease the plight of agro business particularly in Nigeria but generally in Africa. This is a conscious effort made at ameliorating the food crisis that is currently pervading Africa from crippling the Nigeria economy. FOSTA projects has a second motive of restoring the dignity of agriculture in Africa. If we can sufficiently meet our internal needs, we will be motivated enough to commercialize agriculture for export purpose.

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“At the end of our life, we’ll regret the things we didn’t do more than the things we did” -Jeff Okoroafor