RCCG, Adeboye, Marriage, Elections, Poverty & Daddy Freeze -By Nneka Okumazie

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Government irresponsibility is largely responsible for most of the problems in Nigeria. The solution to these problems, however, is not any new government or election, which obviously, change in administrations has shown.

There seems to be competition of disappointment by administrations and the nation is stock-still, decade-on-decade.



Nigeria does not seem to be a serious country, to grow, develop or become better. It often looks like an abandoned society, sometimes with glimmers of hope, but the backwardness is spic-and-span.

Government irresponsibility is aided by those whose usefulness – in works, could have motivated government to do better, but instead, government irresponsibility is their excuse for uselessness.

Hawking should be strange, oppressive and hard labor for any human being. It, however, seems normal in Nigeria.

Multiple workable and realistic reports on solutions to hawking: how to ease, deter, or erase it, could have been useful to also taper poverty in Nigeria.

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Government is useless to developing such reports, or proposing solutions, or finding ways around it, so are organizations that could do really great reports on data, solutions and recommendations.

Instead there are a few hawkers from time to time, who get some promo fluke, loan redress, goodwill, luck, or escape.

Perhaps, if Nigeria was flush with sound reports on solutions to problems, even if government is resigned to uselessness, they will be shamed to adopting solutions from any of the reports whenever they have to work on new projects.

This has some capability to cure the government of waste, where projects are done first, before noticing it is not sustainable or does not solve the problem. With a couple of reports, from external organizations – as their own contribution to society, there will be paths to progress.

Grim as it is, Nigerians don’t want to be reminded of poverty. The preferential optics is the good and colorful. This façade is what the nation lives and thrives on – materially and intellectually.

Osun Election

Jonathan should just go, he did. Buhari came in and failed. So now, Buhari must go, meanwhile, no electricity, Jonathan or Buhari, bad roads, unemployment, hunger, morose healthcare, etc.

The chorus of support for the opposition candidate in the recent election in Osun, was just to fire the ruling party so people can feel good. Of both major candidates, it did not seem anyone had any actual plan to move that totally underdeveloped state [like others] out of its mess.

The Lagos ruling party – primary – election held recently appeared unfair to the governor according to many, but the social media support was against a godfather, not for performance or projection. Both candidates seemed to offer nothing in the ocean of problems flooding the state.

Osun was in the spotlight because of its election. So many communities were seen, including some of the standards of life. Osun, like many other states in Nigeria, is pointedly underdeveloped.

It is clear that all the past administrations of the Osun government were quite useless. However, something striking was that there are not lots of reports or studies, or whatever, on solutions to poverty in Osun, solutions to hawking, or market problems, or whatever the several challenges are – obvious, from the images.

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All the universities too in Osun seem actively useless to development in Osun. Federal, state or private, they cannot work on studies or reports on realistic solutions to challenges in the state. To make it available in a very simple way, to allow the state government, local governments, investors, aid agencies or the private sector find solution models to deploy from the reports.

Branches of big businesses too in the state are also useless to funding or doing reports, or giving data that can help towards solutions. This is also similar across Nigeria.

Poverty is often caused by what people earn, its purchasing power, and the general conditions of living. How can reports work on solving these, by those who have the knowledge? They expertly blame government, do nothing, wait for election and cry.

Church and Marriage

The same talent for uselessness that defined government blame is the same channeled towards hating Christianity in Nigeria. There is something many refuse to understand and acknowledge in all the stupid argument against true Churches in Nigeria – it is that what is supposed to be the role of the Church in the life of an individual or what is supposed to be the role of the Church in the society?

If the Church is not the government, what has the Church got to do with poverty, or electricity? If the Church does not make the law of the country, what has the doctrines of that Church got to do with public scorn and judgment?

If the wife of a Pastor says if a man wants to marry a woman in the same Church that the man should tell the intention to the local Pastor first. In case, someone had done that before to avoid multiple [serious] passes made there – at her. Convincing the woman, meeting her criteria and falling in love, remains a personal decision of the woman, and the man. The policy is just to tell the pastor, the intention – not exactly to seek consent, so the man can know if she’s about to be engaged, or whatever – to save from embarrassment or confusion.

Of course, this is not in the Scriptures, and it does not apply if they are not in the same church. It strictly applies if they are in the same Church. All the stupid attacks and questions raised by daddy freeze, the enemies of the Church on that sermon showed they are lost.

An insignificant presidential aide of the Jonathan administration often attacks the Church like daddy freeze does. He said there was no church wedding in the Scriptures was often a family affair and Church weddings began only five hundred years ago. OK.

He said the wedding Christ attended was a traditional one, not Church wedding. OK. In the Epistles, with all the Churches and so many messages on marriage, was it not possible there were weddings in those Churches, i.e. Church weddings?

Yes, Scriptures did not say. Also, the Epistles did not tell us the program, or order of service of the Churches, and it did not tell us, if they gave testimonies during service or the kinds of offerings made, or miracles performed in those Churches. There are chances that these happened. The central message of the Epistles was doctrines as it mostly applies.

Church weddings for Christians as a sign of faith, prayers, commitment to GOD and beginning with GOD is great – if a Christian wants. And if [genuine Christianity] spiritual values converge, it eases disagreements in marriage.

Christianity or Neuroscience

Atheism raises questions against Christianity, but how about raising sound questions against the questions of atheists?

Yes, there are multiple unanswered questions in astronomy, including on how life came to be, before the big bang, and the big bang itself, the hotness of the sun’s corona over its chromosome, etc. It is excusable that because these cannot be put in a lab, it is impossible to ascertain, OK.

How about neuroscience? There possibilities of experiment and studies on studies yet there are several unanswered questions in neuroscience. The tens of billions of neurons and tens of trillions of synapses are yet to be accurately understood.

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Still, people still believe in neuroscience, in spite of all the advanced experiments and several mysteries. They excuse neuroscience for the microscope of hate – placed on Christianity.

The Christian Faith is real. The Lord GOD reigns: If you can’t see Him, or see Heaven that is because He and Heaven are not physical – for sightings of any telescope or interplanetary voyager.

Christians too have questions and sometimes there are hard crisis and tragedies that makes genuine Christian dejected. GOD knows why. Problems don’t invalidate the Power of GOD. GOD is kind and loving – not wicked. Anyone can argue whatever, GOD is not wicked.

There were ways the Lord GOD revealed Himself in the Old Testament. There were ways He revealed Himself in the New Testament. There are ways He could choose to reveal Himself, at any time. He chooses whatever pleases Him.

The Word of GOD is also real. Whatever people sow, they reap. Yes, it may appear that some are not reaping evil, or wickedness, because what people see are their strengths. Truly, strength is strength. So even in devastation, people can still have might in areas of their strength, but yes, everyone will reap what they sowed. GOD is super, super merciful and also super principled.

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People often use stances against Christianity as proof of intelligence. NO, sorry, proof of intelligence in this world of problems should mean more with solving problems, providing solutions and looking for accurate answers. Not telling others what to not believe, or accept, or tell something they read, to counter what they say others read.

Apostle Paul labored passionately for the Christ, but was often in peril. Joseph kept to Faith, but was punished for it – losing time and looked like a wasted life. David, anointed for greatness faced tons of challenges before ascension. Job, in the sunken place of his life’s rock bottom said, “For I know [that] my Redeemer liveth, and [that] He shall stand at the latter [day] upon the earth”.