Re: APC And A Dream That Once Was

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Fani Kayode should have known before now that tautology in the heart of contradictions is tantamount to garrulous. Often and on, he keep reminding us about his failed mission to the APC by repeating the same thing in different ways. However, It is obvious that he is battling with the challenges of a truncated agenda. He is apparently bittered by his knowledge that he his actually not what he thought he was. Even when he doesn’t want to cry, the feeling of being rejected has brought him dejection and he could not just help but wallow in a pool of unsagacious sagacity.

Who will not know that Fani Kayode has taken issues personal with the APC? Even as he is now of the PDP, he still find it difficult staying away from the affairs of the All Progressive Congress. He has busied himself offering unwanted, unnecessary, and uncertified opinions when he cannot even do justice to his own calamities. The Yorubas would say, “Falana gbo tie, tara eni laagbo”.

I did not want to go into the many ways you have roped yourself in recent past. I believe everybody knows. But for those that may not, I will refer my beloved readers to an article published on 30 June 2013. It carries the title: APC is not a Muslim party, written by Femi-Fani Kayode. This no doubt is enough exhibit than evidence, and I sure that whoever set their eyes on that piece will see you for what you are. A parochial symbol of a cynical being!

The prodigal son is quite unfortunate but he is better than a stubborn child. You know why? He tries to make amends when he realizes his mistakes. The stubborn child on the other side will never learn or take correction. Fani Kayode is one of such and doesn’t necessarily need to be called to order. Afterall I have not been opportuned to meet any Nigerian who see a meaningful discussion in his name. But even if he would not listen, I will say it again that it is him who have brought religion into politics in the name of seeking sympathy for his unmaterialised adventure. Although Nigeria is familiar with ethnic and religious crisis but no right thinking man will be forced by the words of the so called FFK to withdraw swords from sheaths.

I guess you forgot some people in you list of spiritual mentors and elder statemen. Where is Ayo Oritsejafor and Chris Oyakhilome? Where is TB Joshua, Chris Okotie, and the very many others? So sad! I wish you know ‘Fani-the-power’ wasn’t like this. He played a respected politics alongside Ladoke Akintola in the time of western region and they both stood tall among equals. The then slogan: ” bo rinu mi, ori okan mi” did not get him confused. Unlike Femi, He always knew what he was doing and he did quite great. I will advice that you study this man of blessed memory and try to raise yourself higher. Afterall he is your father!
Yes we know the whole world is in the book of terrorism. But you have found pleasure in mentioning names related to the muslim community like you have a special interest in it. And obviously you do because it sweet your lips to say Al-Shabab, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Boko Haram even when you are aware of other terrorist groups with the christian ideology. What happened to the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) of Joseph Koni in Uganda? The National Liberation Front of Tripura (NLFT) in North-East India, the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) India, Orthodox Christian movements (OCM) in Romania, and the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) that you mentioned like it was just a football association?

I would have played host to any other name if it were not Femi Aribisala. I am familiar with his kind of person and I am sure he would not be down with you. Even when we say the same thing, we may actually mean different things and that I think is exactly what is happening. I wouldn’t speak for him though, but I know he is up to standard if anything else is not involved.

Fani Kayode! Let me say at this point that your absence in the APC has not and would never be felt for you are not the kind of man for the party. Your suggestion of the right candidates for the party is taken and the irony of it is well understood. But if you wouldn’t mind, why not help the PDP with your opinions if it does matter and desist from intrusion, protrusion, and seduction of the party members. If anybody would leave the APC, it will be in their own interest and not that of the ‘so important’ Fani Kayode.

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