Re: Immigration Imposes $90 Visa-On-Arrival Charge On Foreigner -By Femi Amosun

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Nigeria Immigration new policy


The Federal Government new Visa-On-Arrival Policy which imposes $90 charge on Foreigner is another welcome development which would align our country with standard Immigration practices in other countries. Foreigners are now compelled to pay additional $20 as Service charge to the Federal Government. The new Policy will also send clear message that our Government is serious about putting Nigeria first (sounds familiar in other Countries).

Those of us residing in the United Kingdom are very familiar with the UK Immigration Policy and Practices. In 2014, the Conservative Party Government led by David Cameron introduced new Immigration Hostile environment Policy with the explicit objective “To make UK a Hostile environment for Migrants”. As part of the policy, they introduced new Income Rules for migrants wishing to bring their spouses to the UK. The husband or wife in the UK must earn the minimum of £18,600 pa before they can bring spouses from outside the European Economic Area (EEA); they made it compulsory for Landlords to check the Identity and immigration status (Right to live and work in the UK) of any potential tenants; and legal Migrants were compelled to apply for new Biometric Residence Permit at a huge cost to the applicants. The new Biometric Residence Permit fees set from £308 to over £1,000 depending on whether you’re applying as a single person or with family members. When people complained about the high fees, the Immigration Minister simply stated that those using the Service should be paying for it. The horrible “Hostile environment Policy” effectively means that thousands of Nigerians (as Commonwealth citizens) living legally in the UK are affected. The above is just one of the many Immigration practices that directly affect migrants in foreign countries.

Majority of the foreigners visiting Nigeria are not coming for sightseeing, they are coming to do business and in the business you aim to make money. It would appear that the Federal Government has finally woken up by compelling these foreigners to pay for the Service they’re using. One good turn always deserve another. In delivering better service at the point of service delivery, the Federal Government should implement robust Service Quality strategy to meet, and exceed, the service expectation level. Service Quality (SQ) is about consistently delivering excellent customer service and putting them at the heart of the service. Service quality in Public sector setting is about achieving efficiency in the service delivery system and ensuring that service-users have a positive experience (Service experience) and that their individual, or collective, needs are met. In general, quality is about expectations and perceptions of a service. It is about expectations of functional performance. A quality service is one that fully meets the expectations and requirements of those who use it. In essence, Service quality acts as the lens through which effectiveness and efficiency can be monitored and used to provide better and quality service. Thus, the design, training etc should be blended together in the provision of service that meet up with the expected value. One of the major problems confronting our public institutions is lack of Service quality orientation and culture. Service quality could enable Public Office holders, Stakeholders and service providers to learn and appreciate the importance of customers and service users in the delivery system.

Before some self-proclaimed activists descend so low to criticize the new Policy, we should remind them that the Federal Government has the supreme right to pursue any Policy in our national interest and for the betterment of our society. The torrent of criticisms on the social and print media only exposes the high level of ignorance and delusions that exists in our country. As l have argued in another piece Re-immigration to hike price for Nigerian International Passport there are many ways to increase the NIS revenue.

At this critical time when Nigerians in the UK, Europe, USA and elsewhere are facing enormous challenges due to new tougher Immigration policies, our Federal Government and public officials should be implementing Policies that are beneficial to Nigerians. The new Visa-On-Arrival Policy is the right direction.

Femi Amosun is a deep thinker and social observer


2 Responses to Re: Immigration Imposes $90 Visa-On-Arrival Charge On Foreigner -By Femi Amosun

  1. Thanks for this article particularly the bit that shed light on what our fellow Nigerians are facing abroad, and when these foreigners come to our country we treat them like kings. Time to wake up brethen.

    A Abby
    July 28, 2018 at 10:45 am

  2. Nice brov. One good turn deserve another.

    A Jones
    August 6, 2018 at 12:50 pm