Renaming of Unilag to Moshood Abiola University is disappointing

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The President’s decision to rename the long standing and branded name of the University of Lagos, popularly called UNILAG to Moshood Abiola University(MAU) is the sole right due to the Federal Government, but the question is, is the President’s decision the right one? No doubt late Chief Abiola deserves some sort of recognition or immortalizing as the case maybe, which to the best of my understanding he has gotten. He has a Polytechnic to his name, some streets bears his name as well.

The issues Nigerian leaders have is that they don’t have the strong and formative ideals to the nation they rule. There are great Nigerians who has given up their lives in service to this country, how have they been honoured? Those still alive lives in the forgotten corners of the country. No President, past nor present remembered them in any remarkable occasions in Nigeria let alone honouring them.

The point is, not only politicians deserves recognitions and immortalizing. For the fact that President Goodluck Jonathan have no other reasons aside honouring late Chief Abiola’s political achievements, i strongly believe that the name change of UNILAG to MAU is a political contraption that sooner or later will hit the rock.

I am not calling for a reverse of decision nor am i calling for a sustenance and retention of the new name, MAU, my major concern is in the honouring of just another politician because of his political aggrandizement.