Reverse Migration: Will Africa Be Ready For It?

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I refuse to declare Africa a failed continent. I bind and cast it out in the name of Jesus. God forbid! The future of Africa is not painted in bleak, pitiable, and unhappy propagandistic images seen in many pages of western books and on the corners of media. The sun always rises in Africa, even now.

According to Nigerian and African literary icon, Late Professor Chinua Achebe, “the problem of Nigeria is that of leadership”. By extension, the problem of most African states is that of leadership. This is persistently so because African elites sell their soul to the west, failing their own people by not setting priorities for national interests.

Decades after most African countries got their independence from colonial powers, it is as if the continent of hope remains in stasis; Africa is still lacking the basic infrastructural developments that are necessary to attract investments. The existing infrastructures in many African countries are mainly those of colonial legacies, or those built by past nationalistic elites (roads, rails, airports, schools, and so forth). The present crop of elites are either stalling developments or largely destroying what are now considered remnants handed on to them by their past elites.

Another problem of Africa is that there are too many vultures feasting on the bare bones, stripped of meat by colonial powers; the African parasites from within and the Western leeches from the outside, all filling their bellies on African chow. Truly, African elites are conniving with western elites to suck to the last drop of blood from Africa. No wonder the massive income inflow does not materialize into infrastructural developments, employment, and education to the benefits of its people.

However, despite these seemingly dark shadows cast on Africa, it is obvious that Africa will not perish despite hardened efforts by her enemies. This continent of hope will not meet its end; it will rise. Africa can be called the food basket of the world. It fueled the industrial revolution and suffered slave trade, yet it endured! Again, now that western economies are slowly aging and crumbling, it appears that Africa will once again come to the rescue.

In the nearest future the problem of Africa will not remain that of leadership. A generation passes and a generation emerges; each with their distinct characteristics and sets of ideological interests and priorities. In time a new generation of Africans will emerge to say enough of these nonsensical tropes, it is time for Africa to refocus and set national interests as priorities.

When leadership problems slowly disappear, Africa’s development will be rapid, attracting and resulting in a reverse migration into Africa. As at today, many Europeans are already moving towards Africa for better economic opportunities, something that most could not have imagined years back.

Reverse migration to Africa would be fast and more dramatic. Once African states ceased to be majorly exporters of classic commodities. However, through refining their precious commodities in their own countries and exporting them, it would facilitate industrial developments, increased employments, and improved standards of living. We have seen it before in China. What is to stop Africa?

Western nations cannot afford to keep hoarding and monopolizing their technologies. They can keep doing so as long as African countries’ policies on exports and manufacturing have not changed to look inwards for developments and national interests. If their policies for manufacturing and exporting only classic commodities changes to refining them at home and exporting refined and finished products, this would break the western nucleus hold on their technologies. They would have to shift ground to relocate some of their industries and technologies to where they are needed most: behold, an industrial revolution for Africa!

As industrial nations are reaching the pinnacle of their development (as evidenced by their slow and crumbling economic activities), African countries are the virgin lands waiting to be inseminated by the dick of prosperity. One must be blind if one fails to see that the future shines bright on the continent of hope once the priorities are set right.

The big question is; will Africa be ready to manage the reverse movements and the exodus to motherland? Will it carry the weight of the neo-earth? Or perhaps, will it lead to a second but sophisticated form of colonization…

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  1. we need u ordinary.

    Jemima Paul Audi
    April 8, 2013 at 6:45 am


    Adewale Ajayi
    April 8, 2013 at 10:06 am

  3. African must move forward must especially Nigeria must get to the Next Level. Ordinary Ahamed we need you back.

    Ale Beatrice Modupe Komolafe
    April 8, 2013 at 10:40 am

  4. there most be change in our dear nation Nigeria but only with God’s intervention through his own Moses Ordinary Ahamed Isa: pls we need back.

    Ebere Patience
    April 8, 2013 at 10:59 am