Reward And Award Building A Sense Of Relevance (A True Motivation of Priscilla Usman) -By Elijah Akoji

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Why do we work? For money? For success, fame, honour, self realization? For the good life? Each of us is driven by an entirely different set of compulsions.

But one thing is certain. Some professions are meant for those who want to make money and some, for those who want to discover themselves. Teachers are clearly not those who enter the profession in search of money though it’s true that some teachers today are indeed very rich. Just as gamblers are clearly in the casino to make money but most of those who enter a casino come out flat broke. The pursuit of mathematics, on the other hand, can go either way. You can become one of the greatest scientists of our time. Or you can, if you are so inclined, build a fortune on Jaba Street using your love for numbers to outwit others.

Even when you succeed in your calling, rewards can differ. Ambition always begins with a dream, a purpose. And even though money may be an important part of it, I frankly doubt if it really matters that much. Most people strive, excel, achieve for reasons other than money. It’s the desire to prove themselves. Even those who we frown upon, actually end up pursuing the same objective, each in their own, unique way.


Priscilla Usman


But not all those who strive, succeed. That’s where the role of awards and public recognition comes in. Awards do not only acknowledge success; they recognize many other qualities: ability, struggle, effort and, above all, excellence. For every Student who succeeds and hits the jackpot, winning wealth, fame and honour, there are hundreds of equally gifted students who do not make it. Not because they are any less talented but because life has this curious habit of being unfair, even to the best among us.
That’s where awards play a crucial role. Not everyone is lucky to get the money and the swag he or she deserves. Those who do not, manage to get by because of the support and recognition awards give them. Awards gives grate opportunity one never think of, it makes one outstanding and unique in style. Most people often time says awards are been bought, but i stand to say its depend on the purpose and relevance of that award.

Among students, like this beautiful, pretty lady of Accounting department level 400 Bayero University name Prisca, in her own style and uniqueness, she has proven worthy against all odd to be different in her own style and fashion, this singular act and vision has won her a prestigious award which has set her aside and given her a true sense of relevance and purpose. Among other students, and colleagues, your style, and kind of life can make you stand out for an award.

Awards both National Awards, Campus Awards, Awards of Social Recognition that is for different profession, field and endeavors That’s also why it’s important that people are chosen carefully, transparently, wisely and all institutions and organizations must not be subverted. That would not only destroy the awards but also undermine the achievements of all those remarkable men and women who have received them over the years. This is possibly their only claim to posterity in an age when popular media has made it impossible for us to recall anything beyond the immediate profession.

A good life style attracts god sense of appreciation, we must live a life which is focus to influencing and promoting what so ever we stand to represent as it attracts to us grate recognition.