Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana: Rebellion against the Church -By Nneka Okumazie

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There are so many Churches in Africa, so it is predictable that Africa would want a revolution against the Church, because Churches are the cause of two-thirds of Africans without electricity, of the absolute poverty and underdevelopment.

Also, it is Churches that are responsible for long term presidents, election violence and sham democracies everywhere.

Well, NO! False!

As a fact, Churches are not responsible for any of these, but there seems to be a focus of the pathetic thinkers masquerading as smart, saying Churches are a problem needed to be curbed.

The fake churches, fake pastors, wicked acts, and hypocritical Christians who gave the Church a bad name are not to be used as a broad brush against the Christian Faith.



Just like racism is awful because of the broad hate for anyone of certain race – with assumptions representing all.

Christianity is not a problem to development. On the scale of problems of Africa, true Christianity is not there at all. Any thinking otherwise is super delusional and dumpster dumb.

True Churches are for true Faith, true Hope and Worship – in Spirit and in Truth. True Churches help build character, help instill the fear of the Lord GOD, and useful for courage, confidence, boldness and way of life.

No true Church opened to solve electricity cuts, or public health problems, or infrastructure problems, create labor laws, write legislative bills or anything on national development.

There are so many failures in Africa from the private and public sectors, where acts of negligence and irresponsibility led to the massive backwardness, yet it is the Church that is an issue to rail at.

Africa religion or Christianity

The stupid argument is that Christianity was brought to Africa, OK, but was it the only thing brought to Africa? Of education, technology, policies, etc. adopted, it is only Christianity that is a problem, OK.

Also, assuming all Africans practiced African religions; Africa will still be the same without pursing development. So development is not inhibited by Christianity.

There are powerful debates a serious continent should be having. There are major problems to find hundreds of solutions for – towards progress.

There are even alternative models that should be sought, towards stoking government interests in solving problems.

But NO, it is to feel people are smart because they can use the proportionate reasoning of atheism to argue against Christianity and feel that they possess unconventional thinking.

Well, challenging Christianity as unconventional thinking is worthless, there are several problems of poverty, unemployment, unsafe roads, etc. that would have been far more valuable than hating the Church – a voluntary social activity and personal.

Atheism too and all they think were invented. There are a ton of materials already, and atheism is often just against Christianity, as they often have other religions or destructive social habits they are stuck to.

Leaders versus Churches

Any African leader that knows what he or she is doing would know that the Church is NOT a problem, but there seems to be news everywhere of an effort to regulate the Church.

This is really great news for them to continue being tyrannical. After press suppression, humongous immovable poverty, excess rural areas, lack of portable water supply, hunger and abundance of squalor.

The President-for-life of Rwanda, Kagame, hailed as a visionary leader, cracked down on Churches several months ago. He has been a leader for close to two decades and unlikely to relinquish power at the end of his current term.

All the news out of Rwanda for development is yet to have real impact on the people; it is mostly for optics. There is a ton of indescribable poverty everywhere – and open sewers.

For Kagame, Churches are more than factories and boreholes, which should not be so. Well, he pushed his government irresponsibility on the Church – and was cool to say it. How smart in reverse.

There is report about Ghana’s consideration of taxing prosperity preaching Churches. OK. The news of technology centers in Ghana is probably creating a delusion for the government about being a great society.

Maybe they need to look at affordable healthcare for their helpless poor or hopes for their stranded citizens abroad or the super low wages for graduates in the country.

To distract, divert attention and do nothing seems to be the talent of African leaders. The stupid excuse of fake churches or prosperity churches is still aimed at suppressing Christianity. But they, their supporters and campaigners have failed.

Christ Jesus saves and helps people to turn their lives around. It is an acceptance of renewal and loyalty.

True Christianity has transformed lives, saved marriages from divorce and caused people to give up their old ways. It is still a choice and there is no development of Africa that Christianity is inhibiting.