Sai Baba! Blame is a convenient hiding place that shields “Change” -By Issa Babatunde Ahmed

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Though our hope is not in the path but in the promises, the current paths are very rough and tough. It is true Rome wasn’t built in a day but it definitely became Rome one day. When the citizens of the country you rule take homes doesn’t take them beyond the door steps of their offices, it means there is a serious fire on the mountain.

Mr. President, days have grown into months, months turn into a year and then more since myself and like minds clamored for you as the messiah that would heal this land and restore healthy hope during the political contest between you and former President Goodluck Jonathan in the 2015 general election.

Sir many of us fantasized strands of hope that a miracle might just happen and things would change for the better under your government because we believed you are a leader that commands tremendous respect, a selfless man that is ready to make ultimate sacrifices and charismatic with a lot of oomph that can bring back the glory of the fatherland and restore the pride of a people that are wallowing in a peak state of corruption and in abject poverty.

Through social media platforms and other avenues prior to the election many voluntarily lured the masses and vouched your administration would impact the commonest of the common man, sanitizing the system and laying the solid foundation for an industrial society. The people were yearning for a more fundamental change and desired it desperately, so all heads were turning to you as the best of candidates, the most appropriate we could get at the point in time.

Many would had this believe are beginning to retrace their steps with their hopes in your government gradually fading away, people are even  calling for some names with the assertion of being misled into falsehood as this is not what they bargained for especially during the campaign, it is far from what they were yearning for Baba! The grumbling kick started earlier when it took you 166 days to pick your ministers.

Though in recent times, one had never imagined the citizens of this country jointly united to vote for a leader as they did for you and also went further to do same in prayers during your medical trips abroad. You’ve been shown the highest of love and trust by the people who believed you can deliver them in the hands of their mean leaders, not just to fight corruption and Insurgences but to better the state of the economy, the recession period during your reign is still fresh in the memory of this beautiful people while some are still living in the shadow of it.

Mr. President 2019 is fast approaching whether you are running or not, there’s still time for you to please proof doubters wrong who think you are good at making promises but only excel at making filmsy excuses by not fulfilling them, enough time to consolidate your laudable intents, bring back the ‘hope’ and ‘Change’ the people are yearning for. It is the best way to unite the people of this great nation and importantly, objectively sanitize the corrupt ones at the top.

Maybe it’s time for us to stop playing the “blaming game” and focus on the future by filling the loop holes, we’ve learnt enough from the past. It is a shame that the son of a butcher has been living on bones, at the moment there are no even bones to feed on, famine is in the land, nothing has ‘changed’ as those votes that got you into office have yearned you can bring, citizens can’t sleep with their eyes closed and those who can, are fighting sleep with too much on their minds, depression has set in the land, Nigerians are becoming unnaturally sadistic, melancholic, morbid, masochistic , griped in the fear of the unknown.  Some still believe in you so they are clinging to you as concerned Nigerians not as political party members or oppositions.