Sanusi’s incompetence and the presidential action.

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A degree In Economics and Islamic Law Are Not Enough For One To Be A CBN Governor Sanusi Lamido’s Profile At A Glance: Graduated from ABU, Zaria earning a BSc in Economics in 1981 Obtained a degree in Islamic law from International University of Africa, Sudan. Taught economics at ABU from 1983 to 1985 with his B.Sc Worked in Icon Limited, UBA, FBN, before being made the CBN Governor. None in an executive capacity apart from his 4 years stint in FBN. As a CBN Governor:

1. He plagiarized the works of Prof. Victor Dike in one of his presentations to represent the country! When he was confronted, instead of him to do the needful and apologize, he argued about it and when he lost the argument, he shifted the blame to his PA. Everybody knows that plagiarism is a criminal offence.

2. He turned CBN into a donor organization with so much donations which includes N10 Billion to Usman Dan Fudio university. Imagine, Prof. Soludo donating N10 billion to Nnamdi Azukiwe university. Unbelievable!

3. He turned CBN into the 37th State as he got deeply involved in politics and donations to political party.

4. His numerous “sexcapades” were leaked to the press which is an indictment to his office.

5. He’s about to implement contradictory policies together – cashless policy and higher naira note. The primary aim of going cashless is to reduce the volume of money in circulation while the primary aim of higher naira note is to be able to carry large volume of cash comfortably.

6. Only Sanusi who doesn’t know that polymeric notes are cheaper and more durable than paper
notes, though it fades faster. No wonder he wants to convert the polymeric notes back to paper note.

7. He caused an uproar in the economy, misled Nigerians with an unfounded claim of $50bn loss.
Even Obasanjo quoted his $50bn claim in his letter. Sanusi later apologized and reduced it to $10 billion, from there to $20 billion.

8. AMCON that bailed out some banks recorded over N820Bn loss while the debtors e.g. Dangote, Otedola made more billions of dollars in revenue.

9. He doesn’t understand Mathematics and Statistics at all. This was exposed on his allegation NNPC.

Sanusi may have appeared to some Nigerians, as the wounded dog in this battle but i am not deceived, i refused to be deceived. He defecated where he ate and that’s not a good thing. I have read Sanusi’s numerous interviews and with all due respect to him, none of them quite make sense based on the evidential situation on ground about his conducts as the former central bank governor. Sanusi cocked up and was removed according, i think he should be a man and deal with it.