Saraki’s CCT Trial: The Aftermath Of The Whole Brouhaha Finally Unveiled -By Bamidele Williams

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SP Saraki celebrates victory


Same thing that is always played has been showcased. The elite in Nigeria irrespective of their fight are so united and so can always use whatever they have to settle themselves.

The poor will use what they have as well. Religion, ethnicity, tribalism, hatred among others for jungle justice against one another.

I’m not surprised with the news that declared Saraki free of all his pending charges at the tribunal today. In all honesty, it is actually a well scripted one. Saraki has been having series of meetings with quarters concerned of late and here comes the baby from the bump.

Let go of my case and I will rub your back. Revealing once again that this government is all about noise making to divert attention as some class of people are above the law.

The rich topple the law and ensure it favours them no matter what it takes. A rich man steals, it is called looting or better still, corruption. A poor man steals, it is called robbery.

I won’t be surprised either if the kidnap kingpin, Evans is also acquitted of the charge. Failed jury. Failed system of government. Failed leaders.

In the criminology of masturbating the destiny of the masses; no Jews, no free born. Same of same.

They always have a way of making up no matter how dirty they fight in the public. When the time to dismember the masses arrives, they close ranks and files.

In short, we actually have 2 ethnic groups: the elites and the masses.

And that brings me to the ongoing fuss in Kogi where the Kogi state Commissioner of Police said he would report “Dr.” Dino Melaye to the authorities, after someone died during an unlawful “rally” organised by the latter to protest his ongoing recall from the Senate.

Will the commissioner say the same thing if it were a member of the small 90% commoner who caused the death of another. He would have been paraded on national TVs.

Still, the small 90% commoners would not learn. They so much hate one another using religion and ethnicity as the divider. Where the members of the 10% would cover the crimes of their members, the 90% would lynch their members for stealing maggi.

Where is the common-commoners sense? Where is the place of logical reasoning and deep thinking?

This is yet again another opener to the Nigerian masses that takes solace from ethnic confrontations and agitations as a panacea to their sardonic situation.

The problem is not in our tongues and tribes, or the colour of our skin. The problem is actually in our leaders, our system of government, our various institutions and our way of life.

The masses, one day, will definitely unite to fight their common oppressors and the looters of their commonwealth.


Bamidele Williams, a journalist, writes from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Can be reached on +2348134810254.