Scotland, is either now or never.

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Scottish independence supporter


Less than an hour ago, John Major, a former United Kingdom Prime Minister, made what i considered not just condescending but highly derogatory statement against Scottish Nationalists. He said and i quote, “the Scottish nation have frankly -and i don’t say this lightly -have been fed a load of pap by the Scottish nationalists.” From where i stand and from the point of view of one who has been enjoying the sweet wind of independence, especially from the Britain, i say that the only pap fed to the Scottish nation by the Scottish nationalists, is the solid pap of self-actualization, definition and determination of self worth and to become conspicuous to the rest of the world.

Since the amalgamation of the United Kingdom, very little consideration has been given to the rest of other nations that came together to form such umbrella. One nation that have remained pronounced in the eyes and minds of the world is Britain. Unless you look deeply with a great sense of observation and knowledge, you will never see a touch of other nations in the kingdoms’ high trading currency that boldly referred to as the “British Pounds”. So give and take, no matter how you look at it, other nations in the so-called United Kingdom are silenced. Not just in the currency but also in position and many others.

The decision of the Scottish nationalists to secure a full independence for their people, remains one of the best choice there is. And the greatest mistake that the Scottish nations will make is not voting YES when the time comes, it is either now or never. If Scotland citizens don’t all leave now, time will come when to leave will be extremely difficult. The coast is clear, the time is right and the opportunity should and must be taken irrespective of the odds. No nation in this time and age, should allow itself to be controlled or be told what to do.

What the British prime minister, David Cameron is doing right now, is polluting the minds of the Scottish nations and instilling fear in them. But this is the time they must stand strong and firm if at all they wish to sip the fruit of freedom at the end of the day. A pensioner householder couple of minutes ago said, “My heart is telling me one thing and my head is telling me another. Unless i get a real hard fact soon, i may have to vote NO.” Truth is, she don’t need anyone to show her a real hard fact to choose freedom as against slavery.

You must vote YES because:

1. Westminster is not working for Scotland
2. Scotland’s future should be in the hands of Scotland
3. Scotland is wealthy enough to be a fairer, more prosperous nation.

Everyone, as long as you belong to the Scottish nation, must make the YES vote so some day in the future, you will celebrate how far you have come in your own country.