Scrutinizing Emir Jakolo Rhetoric On Wazirin Adamawa -By Abba Dukawa

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I am not intended to join an issued with Royal His Highness and  Emir of Gwandu Alhaji Mustapha H. Jakolo who took his twitter handler and responded to my piece and being a public commentator and media practitioner always trying to avoid poignant about anybody personality knowing the implications of doing so but with the personality of deposed emir of Gwandu of accused me of being paid writer its unfortunate. Unknown to him I was never meeting or being sponsored by Waziri of Adamawa Alhaji Atiku Abubakar PDP presidential candidate in directly or through proxies.

Firstly let me said the wounds of a sword may heal one day; the wounds of the tongue, may never heal.’   While it is certainly true that great good can come from the tongue, it is also true that it can stir up immense enmity and strife. The tongue, despite it being a small organ of the body, has an influence wholly disproportionate to its size.   Emir Jakolo Know that it is required of every legally responsible person (mukallaf) that they guard their tongue from all types of speech, save that which contains an overriding benefit. Whenever speaking or keeping silent is equal in their benefits, then the Sunnah is to refrain from speaking. For speech which begins as permissible can quickly degenerate into what is forbidden or disliked. In fact, this occurs a lot, or is more often the habit; and there is no substitute for safety.  

Emir of Gwandu Alhaji Mustapha H. Jakolo

 Abu Hurayrah relates that God’s Messenger said: “Whoever believes in God and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent. This hadith is showing us that these three qualities are among the many qualities of faith.    Speaking a good word or remaining silent this is an encouragement to speak what is good and beneficial; at the same time it is a warning, cautioning us to be careful in what we say, lest we say something that is harmful or false.  It is part of a Muslim’s faith to speak the truth and to say things that bring about benefit to others.  

The soundness of this hadith is agreed upon and contains an explicit stipulation that one must not speak unless one’s words are good and that the benefit in doing so is clear and preponderant. Whenever there is uncertainty about the benefit being preponderant or not, one remains silent. Imam al-Shafi’i, May God have mercy upon him, has said: “When one intends to speak, let him think before he does so. If there is an overriding benefit, let him speak; if in doubt, let him desist from speaking until the benefit is clear. Of course, nowadays, it’s not just our speech that we need to be concerned about. We need to guard what we text or tweet about too;
 God says:  “O you who believe! Fear God and speak a word that is right.  He will set right for you your deeds and forgive you your sins.  And whoever obeys God and His Messenger has certainly attained a great achievement.” (Quran 33:70-71) God informs us in the Quran some of what constitutes well in our speech and benefits other people.  

 Going by the way the  Emir of Gwandu reacted to my piece title Buhari’s FMG, Atiku and 53 controversial suitcases. This was published by many online mediums, Jakolo done it in angrily. Your Highness, you knew better going by the hadith that whoever believes in God and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent. As you are aware the wounds of a sword may heal one day; the wounds of the tongue, may never heal.’ And any person to ‘speak when is   angry and doing so will lead him to regrets it.

 In his respond he openly going extremely far by even calling Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as a Common Custom Crook (CCC) and also disrespecting his wives with different sort of abuses quoted him, What he did not know was that his wife Jamila was shared by a few Military Officers between 1984 & 85 and Jamila was cohabiting with ATIKU with bastard children (out of wedlock) in America. It was only when he was accused of having FIVE wives that he deposed his FIRST wife to marry Jamila who is still married to Douglas amounting to BIGAMY!  Also molested and called Titi Atiku male looking wife from Benin Republic with her Repugnant Oblong face. In every sense of humanity this clear evolving someone private life which was categorically prohibited in Islam.  

In addition to that, angrily responded through twitter handler where he mentioned Dr Umar Ardo’s article title the greatest ambition of a plebiscite is to become a lord?  Deposed Emir of Gwandu said that Wazirin Adamawa does not know the origin of his father! In his presidential declaration for 2015, Atiku said it out   Born in Jada, Adamawa State, and was named after his paternal grandfather, Atiku Abdulkadir. It was the practice among the Fulani people to name their first sons after their paternal grandfathers. My grandfather, Atiku, came originally from Wurno in Sokoto State. There, he had met and befriended Ardo Usman, a Fulani nobleman from what is now known as Adamawa State. My grandfather decided to accompany his new friend back to his home- town of Adamawa. His grandfather farmed, kept livestock and raised a family.
 The Wazirin Adamawa further narrates He (Atiku Abdulkadir) married a local girl in Kojoli and gave birth to his father, Garba Atiku Abdulkadir.  He was their only child. His father was an itinerant trader who traveled from one market to another selling imitation jewelry, caps, needles, potash, kola nuts and other nick-knacks which he ferried around on the back of his donkey. He also kept some livestock and cultivated guinea corn, maize and groundnuts. When it was time for him to marry, my father chose a young girl from nearby Jada town whose parents had migrated from Dutse, now the capital of Jigawa State. 

His mother Aisha Kande was born in Jada. Both his father and paternal grandfather were learned men. They gave free Islamic classes to adults and young people in Kojoli during their spare time. As a young boy growing up in Kojoli, my parents doted on me. They tried their best to provide for me and to ensure that I grew up in a wholesome environment of love and spirituality. His father saw him as a rare gift, a child of destiny.

The Messenger of Allah (s) says: Blessed is the man who speaks good and is triumphant; or keeps silent in the face of evil and is secure” Among Allah’s blessings upon man is that He made him a thoughtful and sane being and created a tongue for him. He made him able to utter sounds and clarify what he wants through the words which he speaks. He has only to speak to let people know what he wants.

I rest my case.

Dukawa a public commentator and media practitioner can be reached [email protected]

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