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The beginning of YAHOO! was remarkable and exciting for both YAHOO! as a company as well as her customers or clients as the case maybe. YAHOO! grew by experiment. Then when you access YAHOO!, the page that they will serve you will defer from that of a customer who accessed from a different location. The bandwidth provided to customers was large enough to accommodate thousands of mails as well as heavy capacity files without freezing. That was an experimental procedure that most customers find very interesting. Yahoo was supposed to be what Google turned out to be today.

From time immemorial, Yahoo has always called themselves “Media Company” instead of the “Technology Company” they are. The worst consequence of trying to be a media company was that they didn’t take programming seriously enough. Microsoft(back in the day), Google, and Facebook have all hack-centric cultures. But Yahoo treated programming as a commodity. For example, user-facing software is controlled by product managers and designers. The job of programmers is just to take the work of product managers and designers the final step, by translating it into code.

One obvious result of this practice is that when Yahoo built things, they often weren’t very good. That though, isn’t the worst problem. The worst problem is that they hired and still hire bad programmers, unlike Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

In technology, when you hire bad programmers, you are doomed. I can’t think of instance where a company has sunk into technical mediocrity and recovered. Good programmers want to work with other good programmers. So once the quality of programmers at your company starts to drop, you enter a death spiral from which there is no recovery. That is where Yahoo is now.

As the day drives by, Yahoo fades out of the spotlight. The troubling part for them as well as their customers is the level of security treat it poses today, hackers now found their nest in the cabin of Yahoo. They now use what was once the worlds dependable site, as a pun for hacking exercise. Many people have lost so much in the hands of black-hat hackers who break into their accounts no matter how secure they try to make it. Those who use their Yahoo accounts as access into Facebook, get their accounts compromise due to the numerous security issue of Yahoo.

As it stands today, Google is a better choice when compared to Yahoo.