Small Doctor: A Metaphor For Nigeria’s Justice System -By Kehinde Oluwatosin Babatunde

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There are basically two punchlines that for me disqualifies a potential aspirants aspiring for leadership office in Nigeria. For the purpose of this discourse I will focus on one and that is when an aspiring leader campaigns on the premise of fighting corruption and arresting and prosecuting past leaders guilty of corruption.

Every time anyone tells you he is coming to fight corruption, he is a liar, and no element of truth is in him because the very process that ascends leaders in Nigeria is corrupt, it is like expecting a good fruit from a bad tree..

Corruption is Nigeria’s life blood, Nigeria is Nigeria because she’s corrupt, to take corruption out of Nigeria is to deny her of her very essence.

I have waited for the last time for Nigeria and her judiciary to proof to me that she remains the arbiter of justice,it was an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of Nigeria’s legal system but like it has been in time past It failed and small doctor was released.


Small Doctor arrested for possession of unlawful arm.


When anyone tells you he wants to fight corruption or he’s fighting it tell him that his toothless judiciary is afraid of small doctor who is almost insignificant in Nigeria’s corruption context, how much more would she challenge bigger rogues and people with financial and political clout?

A promising Saturday gives signals of promise on Fridays, that the Nigerian template has for years been – become rich and evade law, explains why Boko Haram has not stopped feasting on our blood like vampires.

What else do you expect when small doctor is above the law? In the words of my friend Lanre he said “Lagbaja will call tamedun and they will leave him on the grounds that omo wá nà ni” it happened exactly like that, shame to whatever is left of us.