Someone has to say the unsayables in this country.

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Who says corruption and irregularities don’t thrive in Nigeria? A lot of things has happened and keep happening because the very people who are expected to put an end to them are too cold to react or too corrupt to act. There are lots of people in the country who stand a better chance and opportunity of making a change with their voice and powers, but instead, have been overly mute and reluctant in doing the necessary things in order to change the status quo. Ask yourself, how many of our leaders, present and past, has worked hard to live up to the responsibility of bringing peace and tranquility, economic growth and stability, job creation and enabling environment for entrepreneurial development in the country? How many of them fight for the common man or woman on the street? How many speak in public places about the wrongs in the cabinet he/she belongs or how many of them have even resigned from a position he’s accused of not running well? None!

The question that pumps up in my mind is why will someone steal as much as NGN27 billion and all he gets is a slap on the wrist? Why will someone steal about $3 million and gets a guarded duplex in form of a remand center? You’d wonder whether the leaders in the country are mad, the truth is, they are. Madness is not until someone wears tattered clothes and begin to wander in market place or the bins in search of only God knows what, there are political madness, types that don’t let you know when to seize and having the dignity to do the right thing for the betterment of the country you live in and have control over.

Isn’t it a huge pity to note that people don’t think anymore? They feel! You’d hear things like oh i don’t feel comfortable about this or that, oh am so sorry we’ve regrouped our feelings. Do you know that one of the great problems of our age is that we are governed by people who care more about feelings than they do about thoughts and ideas. Talking about thoughts and ideas, what i think is, watch your thought or they become words, watch your words or they become actions, watch your actions or they become habits, watch your habits or they become character and watch your character or it becomes your destiny.

They don’t want to hear you tell them to fix the bad roads, or to stabilize power supply in the country, or to create more jobs to accommodate the teeming populace, or to make the society and environment conducive for investors and entrepreneurs to come in etc.

Someone really need to say the unsayables in this country else, things will forever remain the way they are, else corruption and corrupt people will be the least of our worries, else Boko Haram and other insurgency groups will be a more friendly name for us to call. Or else, or else and or else!