Sovereign National Conference On The Break Up Of Nigeria, Why Not?

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Sovereign National Conference On The Break Up Of Nigeria, Why Not?

Since 1960 till date, and probably till tomorrow if nothing is done about it, one industry that will continue to repeatedly thrive in Nigeria, is SYCOPHANCY. Sycophants never tell the truth about a thing, or situation. What they do as long as they get something from their ogas at the top is feed them with what they want to hear and that is it. There’s a talk we all have failed or rather refused to engage ourselves with. We avoided it like a dangerously infecting plaque and that is the division of Nigeria. For years we’ve managed to pretend about it, thinking it will never happen or that no situation will be strong enough to bring up such conversation, even though a group at one time had fought the whole nation not just to have that talk but to put words to action.

The reason why we haven’t had this talk is because no head of state, in this case president, that wants to have history make that record on him. That it was in his own time that Nigeria, the largest country in Africa, a once united country, got separated. Discussion of this nature is very difficult to begin with. If the person in charge of leadership doesn’t set the ball rolling, and then an individual or group wants to do that, the probability that he or they will succeed will be next to zero. The question to begin with is what medium will such discussion be held on and who will the anchors be? If it is to be done on the radio in a program, or the television in a set aside program, the owner(s) of the radio or television station will be forced to shot it down within seconds.

For me the best bet to ending this whole problem that we all are faced with today, is to have the big talk and have it fast. We cannot just seat there and have a group of extremists with no respect for human lives, kill and destroy with nobody doing anything about it. The Igbo people keep saying that they want their own country, that Biafra existed before Nigeria, and those from the North have a completely violent way to pilot their demands. So if a majority of the Northern elites are calm about the incessant killings, if the Eastern and Southern bigwigs wants what the Northern elites wants, then i see no reason for us to continue to remain together.

Sovereign National Conference on the break up of Nigeria is what we need right now, let everyone know what the minds of others are as regards the single issue called Nigeria Unity. The earlier this is done, the better for us all. Let’s pause our pretense and march on with the stride of boldness.