Startups: You can be the competition.

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Startup are the power behind every strong viable economy. If the world economy is to rebound from the recession that has kept the world on its kneel for several years now, then it has to be SMEs. How long have you worked as an employee, 2-5 years? How long you intend to work under an employer is a personal decision only you can make, irrespective of any circumstance.

Employees must develop an entrepreneurial mindset and think beyond being a labourer and become an employer of labour. An entrepreneur is hyper inquisitive of everything, do not let yourself be deceived that being inquisitive is wrong, because the truth is –is not. It allows you to learn and understand first hand what things are done, how the things are done and why.

The story of ‘living happily ever after’ can turn out real in your case if you develop an excellent networking spirit and most importantly an entrepreneurial foresight in your place of work. Every employee must aspire to to be independent someday, but the level of procrastination has to be limited if that dream can ever be a reality.

The beauty of being an out going person is in the background that networking become as easier as riding a bike. Use your break time in the office to fraternize with colleagues, especially that one person who is described as the brain behind the success of the company. Ask questions and never be afraid to put in extra shift at work and possibly, work in different unit if it is allowed, in fact I will suggest you request for monthly rotation, gather as many knowledge as you can, because, they come in handy when you finally resign to set up shop somewhere else, the reason is, entrepreneurial journey is a bumpy ride to success.

An entrepreneur always dare to do things differently even when others seem to cave in. give your maximum energy at work while beaming your entrepreneurial torchlight on the things that keep the company swimming. My point is learn the trade. What ever it is that you do for a year or two, and the more the years counts it becomes a hobby and subsequently a passion, there is no wrong in doing the exact same thing in a more unique way and be the competition.