Super Eagles Vs Venezuela: The Mistakes, The Corrections.

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Super Eagles won, but am still disappointed. It appears they barely understand or follow what the coach teaches them. The team i saw in the international friendly are not in any way capable of representing Nigeria in the African Cup of Nation let alone the World Cup. I was awake all through morning, hoping to see sweet and smooth flowing tactical playout from them but instead, i saw a bunch of players running all over the pitch, making back passes that heads sideways and pullovers that direct itself to the foot of their opponents or a gentle and romantic pass to the goal-keeper. It was disappointing and at the same time chaotic.

I totally will understand if you argue that winning a match is all that matters, but what happens when they meet a more experienced, more mercurial, stronger and dynamic team? Do you think they can stand them?
What i saw is a very confused and unstructured team where everyone play to achieve individual acclamations. The was no team work. I expected that by this time the players should know very well how to trap a ball, how to make straight and direct passes, how to make pullovers, have a clean clear heading, take a well aimed free-kick.

The second half of the match saw Venezuela coming heavy on the Super Eagles, making all the passes and struggles, leaving Super Eagles more confused and opened to silly mistakes, like the one that gave Venezuela their one and only goal. Venezuela players i must say, were violent, headstrong and compulsive to a fault. They almost turned the friendly match into a gangsteric duel.

In as much as i am tailing the Super Eagles for not making a fantastic play, i am also dropping off some commendations to there doorsteps. I saw lots of players with no affiliation to big clubs yet they were able to impress by winning.

The coach need to work seriously on them, teach them the importance of using the wing sides, making good runs during counter-attacks, learning how to shoot through the goal post not over the goal post, how to make direct and long distance passes that weakens their opponents etc. We need an ionized team if we must make it to the final during the Nation Cup.



2 Responses to Super Eagles Vs Venezuela: The Mistakes, The Corrections.

  1. but remember that this is friendly game and majority of the player are playing together for the first time.learn how to be patient with the team.

    Oyewole Isaac
    November 16, 2012 at 8:13 am

  2. You are right this just friendly, but when will the people rooting for these players know they’ve got a ready team? You saw other nations friendlies…

    Jeff Okoroafor
    November 16, 2012 at 9:06 am