The Accidental President And The Change We Need

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The Accidental President and the change we need


In 2011, Nigerians came out in mass to vote for Goodluck Jonathan. We all came out to stand by him because we thought as at then, that he has what it takes to lead the nation out of its disturbing state. He made promises to us, promises of fresh air in the nature of adequate electricity power supply, good road networks, sufficient jobs for the nations teaming youth, standard educational system and lots more. Today, those promises has not been met and from the look of things, meeting it seem more than a bit far fetched. Nigerians wouldn’t be feeling the way they all do today if President Jonathan had kept to his promises and truly transform Nigeria and the people in it, but he didn’t and the most surprising thing today, is that despite his incapability to lead, he’s still interested in contesting for a second term or should i say, third term?!

From certain corner of the nation, some individuals as well as groups are asking that he be given more time to prove himself but the truth is, what is there to prove? If six years is not enough to make a visible changes, will four years be? From the people he surrounds himself with to the pattern of operation says it all. His incapability is stunning and his goals unrealistic.

We Nigerians most especially the youths. Your destiny is in our hands, this is the chance for us to change our destiny by voting an Accountable, Honest, Transparent , Dedicated, Authentic, Charismatic, Brave, Caring, Compassionate, Courageous, Credible, Decisive, Empowering, Forward-Thinking and Pro-active Trustworthy Leader that can change our destiny. Open your eyes wide don’t be deceived and mislead by any politicians or anyone. Be wise and don’t fool your self by voting a leader that can continue to tear us apart in this country. Let’s us vote a leader that would unite us.

It’s high time we the Nigerian youths delegate someone of 30-40 years of age to contest as President of this country. The destiny is in our hands, all what we need is to vote for HIM/HER (our candidates) and nothing would stop HIM/HER from winning. Let’s call for unity, initiate a translational and engagement forum, one that will consist of all Nigerian youths, let’s come to contract, arrangement, covenant, treaty, promise, pact, settlement, bargain, understanding, deal, compact, bond, concord on whom to give our mandate come 2019 election. Let’s make decisions politically, selfless decision that will bring an end to our poor governance by these old Cargos. If you say the leaders are not doing well, the time for you to step up and do well is NOW.

Long live Nigeria,
Long live Nigerian Youths and
Long live Patriotic Nigerians.