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Few days ago, precisely on the 4th of this month, I had an extensive discussion with one of Nigeria’s top political leaders and a respected ambassador in over 10 European countries. Our discussion centered on one topic, “The America’s intention today.” In all of the 1hour 45minutes that I spent with him on this topic, he never answered any of his calls and one statement that kept coming back while he talked was “be weary of America.” For him when it comes to America he believes and I quote, “that whenever America is sending any of her representatives to any nation, that nation should be extremely careful and prepare well.”

Many of you read the revelation of WikiLeak, where thousands of United States government secrets, what it called “classified documents” revealed secret correspondences between the US State Department in Washington, DC and its 270 embassies across the globe. In one of the publications, the US government asked its envoys to gather intelligence on various countries’ United Nations delegates – including African UN representatives – and collect their email passwords, credit card account numbers, frequent flyer account numbers, work schedule etc.

In fact, sometime in April 2009, a secret diplomatic note sent to American diplomatic missions in the name of Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton sought personal details such as fingerprints, DNA and iris scans of all the East and Northern Africa presidents as well as major political, military, business and religious figures.

The America’s intention is to be the only WORLD POWER in play and how best can she achieve such status if not disintegrating strong allies and causing troubles in countries whose self-reliance is to them, threatening? The Soviet Union is no more in existence due to America’s influence. They fear China’s rapid economic growth and almost “world control” that they setup conflict between her and Japan, North and South Korea. Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria etc. are all individual entities with self-geometrical advancement, strength, and a unique pattern of peaceful co-existence that today, has lost that bonding spirit due to America’s scheming.

Take for instance Libya, the true reason why America stirred up violence in Libya through the people was because they feared Muammar Ghadafi(deceased). They feared his vision of the “United States of Africa”, they feared the power he had acquired over the years and what he could do if allowed to succeed, they feared his bluntness and refusal to be placed in-line like most of the other African leaders. The Americans worried because he refused them of the usual quantity of oil and they felt in few years to come, he would totally delete their name in the oil book of Libya. Similar situation for the case of Kuwait, Iran etc. in fact, the only reason they haven’t brought it on to Nigeria is because the leaders here are still playing in accordance to the instructions of their rule book.

The true picture of America symbolizes a person that hugs you and from behind, stretches forth to lift your precious items without your knowledge, when done, laughs with family members as they discuss your stupidity. I could go on and on but you and I know that the story continues and might never come to an end. America can go on with her plan, but if history serves me right, no one or country that have excelled in this endeavour.

My only clarion call is to our leaders. They should wake up to the reality of this, put first, the need of their country rather than their personal needs. What is your own clarion call?




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