The Arrest That Will End Boko Haram in Nigeria

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The Arrest That Will End Boko Haram in Nigeria


When Senator Ahmed Sani Yarima began the crusade of raising what he called “Islamic Soldiers” in early 2003, many thought it was a harmless joke, an action borne out of anger or fear of loosing out from the race. Today, Nigerians are not safe; bomb is flying in and out of every state of the federation; children can’t go to school for fear of being abducted by the dreaded Islamic group, Boko Haram; and our unity as a people living in one nation, is threatened. It is without doubt, fear nor favour that i stated categorically, that the fire lit up by Senator Sani Yarima, has escalated.

It was Senator Yarima who introduced Sharia law into Nigeria; he began the false acclamation of Northern marginalization; he authored the partitioning of Muslim into core, liberal and assumed Muslim and he founded the deadly Islamic group popularly known as Boko Haram, what he called then, the “Islamic foot soldiers”. This so-called “foot soldiers” received an initial mobilization fee of N125 million. N100 million for acquiring the special skills needed for the job and N25 million for the purchase of, according to Senator Yarima, equipment needed to protected themselves from dangers.

Many months ago, President Jonathan openly stated that there’s Boko Haram in his government, Nigerians called him a fool and laughed it away. But indeed, he knows what he was saying, he was actually referring to Senator Yarima and his co-conspirators. There’s no need revisiting history, it is in the finger tip of every Nigerian, who Senator Sani Yarima is, what the likes of Ibrahim Babangida, Mohammadu Buhari, Abdulsalami Abubakar, Atiku Abubakar, Mu’azu, Alimodu Sheriff, Senator Ahmed Zannar etc, has done and said before and after Rtd. Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, most especially Goodluck Jonathan became the president.

President Jonathan must quit his diplomatic practice, take on the issue of insecurity headon and bring these people to their knees. What the Nigerian people want, is a government that can protect them instead of blaming opposition. Arrest them NOW because i know that you have the prove of the true identity of the sponsors of Boko Haram, or simply QUIT to save the lives of innocent Nigerians. Until these big fishes are caught and sentenced without prosecution, Nigeria will continue to burn, innocent lives will continue to waste, blood will not seize to flow and truncation of Nigeria will not stop looking feasible.



God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria!