The Astronomical Mistake of Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and Angela Merkel -By J. Ezike

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Growing level of “conscience decay” in the realm of World Leadership, particularly within intergovernmental organizations has gone rocket height. And the cast of phony characters is a long queue stretching into multitudes. Pursuing a sustained “slave enterprise” naturally takes a puppeteer and the marionette to stage an engaging puppet show with all the usually dramatic schemes of suzerain control. As long as the “invisible master” appears to be entertaining enough to keep the “gullible spectator’s” hearts and minds light, he holds a “narrow chance” of gaining exceptionally rapt attention and a somewhat gushing acceptance.

I underwent, during the visit of Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and Angela Merkel, a prolonged contemplative mood. The longest I had this year. No doubt, there was a conspicuous lack of response amongst the “European guests” to the core challenges streaming on the surface of the Big Dirty Ocean. I had to chuckle when these leaders, with much pomp and braggadocio, announced its rolling aid and trade deals for the feudal laborers of the Puppet States. The most telling sign that this sudden entourage of European power brokers into Africa was premeditated, predetermined and prearranged, however, was the synchronized timing and the stealth of their politics. Not to mention that a Puppet Ruler’s wiles is, at its base, a classic smoked-room mystery.


J. Ezike


If the visit of Theresa May and Angela Merkel to Africa isn’t yet all that suspicious as an illicit affair, it does have cloudy interpretations. And then there comes the puzzle that scratches on perceptive minds. But, regardless the ambiguity it exudes, one can still outsmart its riddling details.

As 2019 comes, along with its grim and forbidding countenance, Nigeria is about to be thrown “head-down” into the cross blades of the colonial blender. This fatal stab is intended to exhaust and overwhelm the public so that the people cease to revolt against European exploitations, to exercise their inalienable rights and eventually give in to “outrage fatigue.”

I am certain that Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and Angela Merkel have all studied the culmination of cataclysmic developments and the miscarriage of international laws that could possibly be reached by any Puppet State such as Nigeria and Cameroon marred by scarring from suzerain control. Their visits, though, isn’t fundamentally dissimilar to, say, Frederick Lugard’s colonial Nigeria and F.W. de Klerk’s apartheid state. Yet there was something seriously jejune to this thoughtful, bush-ranging business aggressively pushing the targeted Puppet States down in the deep of serfdom.

Theresa May and Angela Merkel both appear to manifest a curious and really rather amusing delusion. I say this because, both leaders are head-bent on living in denial and buying the false hints of their convictions and find themselves wanting the revolution to be unreal. (Laughter)

The most eloquent aspect of this colonial interest lies in the vivid demonstration of hypocritical silence amidst the echoic outrage to “forced unity”. To pretend that ‘BREXIT’ never happened is a case of false virtue and grave dishonesty. And the reality of that truth cannot be contended – not when such event is now a “congealed memory” in the minds of multitudes. Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and Angela Merkel have all scored an “astronomical mistake” to think that the campaign for Biafra Independence Referendum will die in the course of time.

The day this revolution will die is the day the sun quits the sky.

By an unforeseeable irony, the beginning of our burning time to resistance escalated when Britain and Europe – two Puppet Rulers demonstrated to the Puppet States in Africa what “true democracy” exemplifies. And according to the principle of procedural fairness – people who are affected by a decision should have a chance to influence the decision maker. And have decisions affecting their rights, interests, or privileges made using a fair, impartial and open process.

The outcry for self-determination has grown more severe beyond the purview of Biafra, of Southern Cameroon and across territorial borders within Africa, with the integrating of social media activism and dramatic increase in Diaspora demonstrations. Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and Angela Merkel cleverly reflects on this phenomenon and appears to cling desperately on their strings in order to sustain the puppet show for as long as possible.

Everybody knows that “the most visible figure of the Biafran struggle for independence referendum” is entitled to the prerogative of a British national. But, the British Prime Minister and Westminster Abbey already covered his privileges with conspiratorial silence, for they have found a “formidable foe” in a man whose only offence was to ignite a revolution for a “true independent African state.”

The signs of awakening are visible everywhere, in every human-inhabiting enclave, in every reverberating march demonstrations, in every scowl on the faces of the aggrieved and their offspring, in every vulnerable new born child birthed into this post-colonial tragedy, in every placards and publications, and in every conscious revolt.

There is no civilized reason to enforce unity on a people “marriaged” by colonial pronouncements. France and Britain effortlessly settles into their role as divisive catalysts. They stand behind the scenes, behind the curtains as Puppet rulers, pulling the strings of war in Cameroon – a Puppet State – a people splintered by colonial lines.

Divide and Rule in Africa has been the European political tradition in the past and present. Isn’t ironic that the French and English colonized regions of Cameroon are currently at bitter war, scarring their brotherhood with a slow, generational hatred and a death having a marked style intended to mock “Black Blood,” but the Puppet Rulers (France and Britain) responsible for these hideous atrocities against humanity are shrouded in the background, from their peaceful abodes, whilst “investing” in the conflict as long as “it supports their own national interest.”

These Puppet Rulers who rob us of our peace, of our freedom, of our rights to exist as human-beings and profits from the bloods and deaths of the innocents, have no moral ground to label us as “extremely poor” and as “economic migrants.”

All the virtues of “shared prosperity” and “shared security” preached by Emmanuel Macron, Theresa May and Angela Merkel are merely another means of holding Cameroon, Nigeria and Africa in perpetual subjugation. It is the “criminal power” of these Puppet Rulers that grants leaders of Puppet States the unprincipled reason of becoming “criminal elements.” Thus, they become well conditioned by the “negative politics” they are induced to practice.

It is certainly sad that the awakening of one’s consciousness to his place in the society should be treated with a “delinquent opposition” by people and nations who pride themselves as “civilized” and “democratic.”

What in normal times would have been a “volcanic eruption” in a teapot, turned into unexpected, prolonged peaceful demonstrations of universal rights to self-determination and independency. Theresa May’s Britain managed in many hundred schemes and characters to weaken the historic revolution and righteous rebellion against their suzerainty. This is a worry to a Puppet Ruler in its own right.

For the third time in as many months, the Igbo people of Biafra find themselves the target of bullying and genocidal massacre on the world stage, in the 21st century, in the age of civilization. Theresa May obviously has been asserting power through “Operation Python Dance” in the absolute caliphate of Northern Nigeria by executing a military show of force on a “peaceful people” whose only crime is the affirmation of their “ideological convictions.”

With Emmanuel Macron flexing imperial muscle in Cameroon, Theresa May’s dramatic visit to Nigeria is eerily reminiscent of Harold Wilson’s ministerial bloodletting schemes against Biafra in 1967-1970. Whatever “shared agreement” tabled in “Aso Rock” is an attempt to muzzle the “voices of reason” into silence. And I swear it by God that any mission fashioned against the realization of Biafra is a mission dead on arrival.

Europe is no stranger in celebrating dictatorships in Africa. The clone – “Buhari” whose rogue military overlooked the brain-sick, demented herdsmen of the Fulani extraction and rolled their tanks, steered their steel sprockets and discharged multiple rounds of projectiles on peaceful activists, on guiltless civilians was honored at the ICC 20th anniversary commemoration in The Hague. The bullies, hypocrites, tyrants and genocidists of the world now have another unfortunate example to follow in Europe’s belligerence and onslaught on international laws, on democracy and humanity.

But the hypocrisy we’ve seen on display during Britain and EU’s visit to Nigeria has reached a new altitude. It is far-flung from an accident. This is a carefully crafted visitation. And yes, France was the first to ride the “Black Bull.” The problem with these “colonial descendants” is that they carry the potential for a fallacy which lies within the notion of “analytical exclusivity.” I pity them, because they are yet to grasp the full thrust of the “intellectual might” that rests in Biafra’s silent power.

Of all the world leaders, in this year 2018, President Donald J. Trump stands out as the only one with a really sparkling sincerity of thoughts. I dare say this without fear or favor, not because he aptly described “Buhari” as lifeless, or his aversion to “political correctness” but for his “revolutionary politics” which questions the New World Order and “rocks the boat” of conservative governance. He may not be the “perfect politician.” Of course, we all may not agree with some of his policies however, he comes close to fulfilling an impossible landmark in the World Leadership.

As for Angela Merkel, one would have expected “maturity of judgment” from her in regards to the principle of self-determination. When before our own eyes, we witnessed the breakaway of the United Kingdom of Britain from the European Union in what was popularly coined as ‘BREXIT.’ Let me add that Hypocrisy is when the European Union respects the rights of the British people’s sovereignty but pours spittle of loathe on the numerous petitions for self-governance from regions that constitutes the continent of Africa.

Angel Merkel’s pretense in the face of the increasingly restive population of Southern Nigeria is a huge stain on her character and honor. If “migration flow” is the basis of her trade deals with Nigeria then she did well in reiterating Europe’s objections to being pushed around immigration. And I have no problem with “unfriendly countries” that choose to padlock their borders. My problem is that: countries who have issues with “African immigrant flow” should take their “finagling fingers” off Africa’s resources, so that Africa can transcend into a continent of hope for its inhabitants. The moment Africa is free from colonial intrusion and European exploitation, the culture of migration from Africa into Europe or elsewhere will be a thing of the past.

On a final note, we the indigenous people of Biafra remain resolute in our vigorous campaign for Biafra Independence Referendum – also known as ‘BIAFRAEXIT.’ We resonate with the United Nations doctrines of peaceful demonstrations. And we declare strongly that this revolution has come to stay, to live amongst us like a celestial force. We are determined in this exercise of our inalienable rights to self-determination even in the face of overwhelming opposition. We are confident that we will win, because God is on our side and History is our ally.